Monday, February 08, 2010

Euroferries On BBC Inside Out

Tonight the BBC airs its long-awaited investigation into Euroferries, at 7.30pm on BBC1. I'm restricted in what I can say about Euroferries, given their continuing legal threat against this and Adem's Big Blog which began last November.

What I can say is that the service didn't start in November as they said it would, and that it still hasn't started, despite the company's website trumpeting 'Euroferries is the leading fast ferry operator on the English Channel between Ramsgate and Boulogne.' Note the present tense.

It is also now clear that Euroferries will not be chartering Fred Olsen's Bonanza Express catamaran, which was the subject of rumour back in November. There are various theories knocking around as to which fast ferry they will charter in order to get their service up and running by next month, but I couldn't possibly comment on those.

So you'll just have to watch Inside Out tonight. Meanwhile, here's how I reported the on/off saga of the Bonanza Express last year. This wasn't the subject of their legal challenge, so enjoy!

Update: LD Lines are coming to Ramsgate it was announced this afternoon. They're hooking up with TransEuropa to run the Norman Spirit, currently on the Dover Boulogne route, and renaming it the Ostend Spirit for the Ramsgate Ostend run.

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Anonymous said...
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Richard Eastcliff said...

Nope, that had to go.

Not only was it completely factually inaccurate, it also looked deliberately designed to get me into even more trouble with m'learneds. So no more comments on this post, I'm afraid.