Saturday, February 06, 2010

Wind On Radio

I'm not usually up this early on a Saturday. But as I was snoozing under the Hungarian goose down doona, drifting in and out of consciousness to the tones of the Today programme on Radio 4, an item came on which caused the old shell-likes to prick up.

Booming out of the B&O was our very own Tory MP for Fannit Norf, Sir Roger Wind!

Roger, if you recall, recently made a successful claim to recoup more than £2K in expenses which he'd been told to repay by the Troughsniffer General, Sir Thomas Legg. The, er, 'idea' of the radio item was to gauge the mood of the angry mob in his constituency. Of course, once the reporter discovered that 68% of his constituency are over 90 and would vote for a small piece of cheese as long as it was blue, it was game over. Despite a plucky attempt by the lovely editor of the Gazunder to waft letters of complaint under our intrepid's nose, the vox pops said it all. 'Roger? Nah, he's a lovely bloke!' 'Expenses? Piss off back to that London, you pinko liberal twot!'

What never ceases to amaze me is that even Labour and Liberalites on the seedy north side of the island privately stick up for Roger on the basis that he's a 'good constituency MP'. When you ask why, if that's the case, his constituency has crumbled and burnt to the ground in the 27 years he's been presiding over it, they often mutter something about his passionate concern for animals (but not humans, as he wants to execute those), or the fact that their Auntie Gladys got a Christmas card from him once.

Perhaps the Today reporter could have opened her eyes, taken a look around, and asked the question why he's been claiming exes at all, seeing as Margate has gone to the dogs (Newfoundlands, of course) under his stewardship. But then Radio 4 and BBC reporting in general is just a shadow of what it was when Roger was producing the Today programme. Or that's what they say in Margate, anyway!


T said...

You, sir, are bang on the money!

Margate is a faded shell of what it was, and Gale, like Ezekiel, Latchford and all the jokers who have gone before, is as much to blame as any of them.

In fact, he's more to blame as he's been representing the town longer than any of 'em!

I am seriously considering running against this man at the next GE, as an independent.

I'm young, enthusiastic and believe I have some good ideas, but then again I wouldn't get more than a few votes, because I'm not a Tory.

I just have to decide if making a point politically is worth more to me than the £500 I have to pay as a deposit -- and when money is tight right now, I will have to think long and hard about that.

Gale is a worse than average MP at best, and people need to see this.

If a Tory who I respected, who had a bit of vitality and verve came along I would vote for him/her, even though I am not a Tory voter, but he Gale is not the man for the job.

What are his views on Sandy Ezekiel's standards issues?

Where does he stand on China Gateway?

What about the airport or the demise of local traders business because of Westwood Cross?!!!

Where does he stand on the issue of anti-social behaviour on the streets on Margate, Birchinton, Herne Bay and Westgate????

Please tell me, because I don't know.

These are BIG issues, yet we hear NOTHING from him.

I know for a FACT that he refuses to talk to the local press over certain issues but why???

He doesn't even live in Thanet, for God's sake.
He has his nice little counry bolt-hole in Preston to retire to each night.

This man, who I have met on several occassions, needs to go.
He is grumpy and cantankerous, and is asleep at the wheel.
At least Ladyman, for all his faults, is personable!

I notice that Gale has got more het up over this expenses lark, than any issue in recent memory, funny eh?!

Wonder if it's because it has anything to do with him being a couple of grand (which he could no doubt afford to lose anyway) out of pocket.




Steve Higgins @ SMEG said...

he loves the the airport, china gate, supported westwood, and has done f&%k all about dreamlands demise. Not a peep out of him in parliament on that issue, but plenty of noise out of the old fart on the airport......which is not even in his constituency.

You have not mentioned the constant whining noise that has been coming from Gale HQ for the past few months - not only Rog and his two grand, but his wife and the danger she might be forced out of her cushy little job.

Peter Checksfield said...

He's worth every penny + more. A lovely man.

Anonymous said...

You must be mad

Readit said...

What Thanet North & South needs is local MPs caring about local issues not their own careers. As a floating voter I think I will drown myself in the Harbour rather than vote for the current shower.

Anonymous said...

do I have to claim Thanet Priviledge before I call them all money grabbing scumbags?

Anonymous said...


But they will get cast iron pensions unlike others!!

Wasters in the house, all of them

Richard Eastcliff said...

What never ceases to amaze me is that even Labour and Liberalites on the seedy north side of the island privately stick up for Roger on the basis that he's a 'good constituency MP'.

Er, I think you just proved my point there, Peter!

Anonymous said...

shame he doesnt manage to recruit a better bunch of local tories. Doesnt make you want to have anything to do with such a lot of nasty people who are only in politics for their own gain. They treat the voters with disdain and only appear in their wards at election time. Mr. Independant would do better to try to stand as an independant if there was a core of normal people to stand against the tories as independants that would be the only way to oust their stranglehold on the future of Thanet, carpet baggers the lot (with a few exceptions!)

Michael Child said...

What really amazed me was trying to track down the Labour candidate, it is as though Labour are fielding the invisible man.

Anonymous said...

The labour lot at tdc are not much use either. the new leader is a buffoon and his front bench don't exactly inspire. I don't think any of them work for a living? Does anybody know what Hart actually does? Rumor is that he is on capacity benefit, but the way he was galloping round dane park to support his mrs makes a mockery of the system if that is the case.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Er, surely it couldn't possibly make a mockery of it if, as you say, he's on 'capacity benefit', 10:54am!

Anonymous said...

Clive Hart was in the elctrical trade, not sure about now.

Iris did, or still does, work on the trains in some way.

Not sure about the others.

Anonymous said...

Apparently he is ill. He reported to the doctor after trouble coping with a cute vagina.