Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cliff Top Mansion A Snip At £1.75m

No, not my cliff top mansion, silly! I'm talking about the oak panelled, stain glassed, parquet floored, grand staircased, ornamental plasterworked, richly carved fireplaced, Grade II listed East Court on Victoria Parade, a relic of the 'golden age of English housebuilding'!

But it's good to know that, should I need to offload my pile in a hurry, my assets could be flogged for a considerable amount of folding. As the Times rightly points out 'this end of Ramsgate does not overlook the container port'. Quite.

The magnificent East Cliff edifice was a special school for the dylsexic, but planning permission is currantly being sort to convert it into a bootique hotel, with the plans drawn up by a former pupil who's now an archietect.

Speaking of planing permission, we can expect much anti-Duffer huffing and puffing at next Wednesday's planning committee meeting, when the thorny topic of an application to cram another crappy terrace of mock Georgian houses into a small hole here in the Millionaires' Playground is due to be heard. Thanet builder DJ Ellis (he who sponsors the Chrissie lights and tarmacs church car parks in Westgate when the call goes out from distressed Doctor/Councillors), has spent three years trying to nudge this one through on an old bomb site in Adelaide Gardens.

National conservation campaigners SAVE (Save Britain's Heritage) have written to our Jurassic Junta protesting at the proposal, arguing that the plans contravene guidance policies and that the right thing to do in this conservation area, surrounded as it is by proper, Grade II listed Georgian houses, would be to reinstate the three houses demolished by Hermann Göring's planning department 65 years ago.

Needless to say, SAVE's words have fallen on deaf ears, and their recommendations have not so far made it into the briefing notes for Wednesday's meeting. I'm afraid here in Thanet, the 'golden age of English housebuilding' really is long gone!

Click here to read more about East Court on the Times website
Click here for Adelaide Gardens application (F/TH/09/0915)


Anonymous said...

"This end of Ramsgate does not look over the container port" - Eh?

Anonymous said...

Re: Adelaide Gardens.

According to Michael Child's web site:

"Early last week (February 8) SAVE Britain’s Heritage e-mailed TDC Case Officer Doug Brown with detailed objections to a proposed application by Thanet developer DJ Ellis Construction Ltd".

Maybe they could have sent this email a bit earlier if they wanted it to be considered by the case officer and by the planning committee.

The pdf files for the briefing notes have a creation date of the morning of 8 February 2010 - so it looks like all the paper work for the planning committee must have been pretty much complete by the time this email arrived.


Anonymous said...

Yes - the East Cliff does not overlook the container port.

The West Cliff does overlook the container port.