Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sick Politics

Excuse me, but has anyone else seen the latest item on the Tory Chair of Planning's blog, where he draws a cynical and objectionable parallel between Gordon Brown breaking down on ITV last night while talking about the death of his daughter, and the Tory Mayor of Margate's deliberate neglect of a five week old kitten that subsequently died in an RSPCA officer's arms?

Whatever you think of Gordon Brown and the Labour spin machine, do you really think the two can be compared? The tragic and untimely death of a child, and the murder by neglect of an innocent animal? Our Ken can't even bring himself to mention Ted Watt-Ruffell by name. I've been told Ken has a sense of humour, so the most charitable I can be is that this is some kind of joke. If so, pass the sick bag.

It's not 'an embarrassing situation' Ken. It's not 'MUD SLINGIN' to try and gain short term opinion poll gains.' It's not 'distractions, designed to confuse and take peoples minds off of the real problems that face us.' The man has been convicted of animal cruelty in a court of law. Thems the facts.

Meanwhile to lighten the mood here's something by way redressing the kitten/Tory council balance which I presciently put together almost three years ago:


ascu75 aka Don said...

I love the cat and the mouse clip shame that we all read about one cat that wont be chasing any mice due to some ones neglect to spend a few pounds on flea treatment. Obviously that person didnt resign because he needed his council allowance more than his dignity. Now for someone to compare it to the loss of a child is crass and in bad taste Ken must have been taking lessons from Sandy

Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Does now.

watt-ruffell said...

as most of you dont know me i did lose a son in 2003 and his name was James touch the earth and went back to heaven now please get of my back
and leave me and my family alone
ted watt-ruffell

Richard Eastcliff said...

And what about the 180 fleas that you didn't get off Ruby's back Ted? (If that really is you.)

I think you'll find the only way to stop the public outcry will be to resign your public office. You've resigned as a Tory, now resign as Mayor and resign as a councillor. Your continued presence in public life makes us all sick.

Anonymous said...

As most blogger, footballers and councillors know, its not possible to keep issues and councillor personal lives apart. Is Ken turnining a blind eys to what theformer Mayor did? Why do we have the Standards Committee? The public expects but does not always get councillors that lead blameless lives.

Anonymous said...

Does the Chair of Planning who was, of course, at one time a fellow Labour councillor with Mr. Watt-Ruffell, think Piers Morgan has engineered tears from the PM just at the same time as the still-Mayor of Margate is appearing in court?

The neglect of an animal is, in UK law, a very serious offence and had Mr. Watt-Ruffell done the sensible thing and admitted his guilt back in November this whole sorry business that has clearly affected him and his family would have been over and done with.

The publicity this case has created is nothing to do with politics of any hue but to do with the fact most people find it incredible that no-one living in the house spotted a sick animal when other kittens had already died.

To hang on to his Dane Valley seat until May 2011 is possible but hardly desirable. He can, I think, remain representing the voters provided he keeps away from their pets but who would want to stick around under those terms just for money?

Anonymous said...

Councillors do not led blameless lives, but are very good at covering up real abuses, including child abuse sometimes committed by them or those they know, whilst ostracizing those that try to speak out and tell the public whats really happening.

Gordan Brown, David Cameron , Nick Clegg all know what is happening to children being abused by the services supposedly put in place to protect them, but do and say nothing.

They are all guilty of gross neglect.

Ian Joseph Ex Tory KCC County Councillor (Ramsgate) Former Social Servies Manager was the last 'real councillor' not a puppet like we have now.

He dared to cross Kent's path and speak the truth


Anonymous said...

Probably would have difficulty mentioning Ted by name. When they were both in the Labour group I couldn't say they were very comradely towards each other, the artic circle would have been warming.
I can think of a a little incident at the San Clu when the toys really came out of the pram that would have been good blogging stuff if blogs were around then.

Anonymous said...

Having changed his plea to guilty to get his wife out of shtook, he now has the nerve to appeal the sentence. The man is a fool.

Anonymous said...

It's probably all too much having to give up his position of thinking he is important ( all that free wine and posh scrum) ,

Remember meeting this low life at the Mayor's Ball, looked like another pervy pete, didnt realise they were also cruel and wicked to animals

'All pomp & ceremony and no knickers' no wonder they fitted in so well.

Anonymous said...

If you are watt-ruffell, 2.35, then remember that you have been around Thanet for a while and some people have longer memories.

Remember the Westgate Residents Association?

Remember your other wife's loan?

Beware investigative journalists. They seem to know who to talk too.

watt ruffell said...

yes is was me nothing to hide please see thanet strife

Anonymous said...

Remember,working at the bottleneck

Anonymous said...

Our real enemies are not those living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it's profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it's profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us

Anonymous said...

I think Ken Gregory's blog posting about Gordon Brown's tears is despicable. Anyone who has ever lost a child will say that it's something you never get over so if the tears flowed it's hardly surprising.

Trying to link this with the Watt-Ruffell case is sinking to the lowest depth as the kitten died from neglect when there were three people living in that house.

Without the workmen who confronted Watt-Ruffell over the pathetic kitten's condition, this case would never have come to court and we wouldn't know what sort of person Watt-Ruffell is.

There is a major difference between neglect of an animal and having a baby born prematurely so Cllr. Gregory should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

There is no political motive in the RSPCA's prosecution nor in any of the blogs that have covered this sad business.

To appeal the sentence is foolish as the magistrates can increase the tariff and impose a custodial sentence. Watt-Ruffell is being badly advised if he thinks that's the way to go.

Anonymous said...

3 beautiful grandchildren stolen by Kent County Council by Carter/Gilroy & Co

mary docherty wrote:
Although I have great sympathy and empathy for a parent who loses their child/children to death,at least that parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle can take some comfort at having a grave to visit or some other memorial place and they are in the knowledge that no one or nothing can harm that child any more (i am so sorry if i come across as callous and unfeeling)I cannot have the luxury of visiting anywhere to be near my three beautiful grandchildren,they were taken for money/profit that this and other governments pay out to unscrululous local authorities for meeting their "ADOPTION TARGETS" I WILL NEVER SEE MY THREE AGAIN,they were removed for no reason after they had been placed in my care for 2 years,so,mr brown,no respect to you or indeed your government,actually when was it anyone voted you in as pm?Magna Carta says a pm has to be voted in by the public,and,as far as i can remember,tony bliar was voted in,when he left office precott should have become pm,when were YOU voted for by the public?
February 15, 2010 10:28 AM GMT on
Recommended (21)

Anonymous said...

Try telling that to all the parents/grandparents who have had their children/grandchildren stolen for forced adoption.

They have no grave to visit and will never get to see their offspring again.

Sympathy or empathy for mr brown or mr cameron; not on your nellie

read Mary Docherty,comments in the

she wont forget her stolen 3 grandchildren after caring for them for 2 years, nor will Michelle Chadwick who had her 2 granddaughters stolen after losing her son to suicide, nor will EX-tory now(IND Maidstone)Councillor Sheena Williams, forget her 4 granddaughters after raising concerns about her daughters domestic voilence and caring for them twice before.

Where was the help for these families?

Tory run Kent County Council has alot to answer for , as do all the gutless cowardly councillors/mp's who did nothing - shame on them all!

Richard Eastcliff said...

Er, do try sticking to the topic, there's a good chap.