Monday, February 01, 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Kent Restaurant Awards have now got their act together and sent me a press release, and it seems we have even more reasons to celebrate here in Ramsgate than I thought on Saturday!

The awards were held last Thursday, and in addition to Age & Sons winning Best Cafe as already reported, Eddie Gilbert's got a gong for Best Newcomer, Harvey's for Best Launch, while La Magnolia was voted Best Italian. Yet more evidence that the Millionaires' Playground if fast becoming foodie heaven too! Here's the full SP:

Best Café
Age & Sons Cafe-Bar - Ramsgate

Best Takeaway
Prince of India - Faversham

Best Oriental Restaurant
Thai Square - Sevenoaks

Best International
Buenos Aires - Maidstone

Best Indian Restaurant
Raja of Kent - Tenterden

Best Italian Restaurant
La Magnolia - Ramsgate

Best French Restaurant
Le Restaurant Fabrice - Teynham

Best English Restaurant
Richard Phillips at Chapel Down - Tenterden

Best Gastro Pub
George and Dragon - Ightham

Best Hotel Restaurant
Eastwell Manor - Ashford

Best Seafood Restaurant
Hythe Bay Seafood Restaurant - Hythe

Best Gourmet Restaurant
Thackeray’s - Tunbridge Wells

There were also three special awards for:

Best Newcomer
Eddie Gilbert's – Ramsgate

Best Wine Cellar
Montrose – Tunbridge Wells

Best Launch
Harvey’s - Ramsgate

Over 6500 members of the public nominated and voted for more than 300 establishments across the county. A panel of expert judges visited a shortlist of more than 70 venues, assessing the quality of the cooking, service and ambience, awarding additional marks for the use of local produce of sound provenance using sustainable farming practices.

'The evening was a tremendous success,' said OrderOnlineNow founder Andrew Frisbee, who added, 'We hope the Awards will help to raise culinary standard to a new level and put Kent on the gastro tourist map.'


Anonymous said...

Age&Sons have also been awarded a Michelin Bib listing.

Simpleton said...

"Best Launch"

what a crappy award!

Glad though as the place is overpriced and average at best.
Not seen 1 good review of it yet, just bad ones.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Simpleton. I've heard nothing but comments about the teeny-tiny portions of over-priced food. Sounds more likely their PR person did a good job on this one.

Anonymous said...

How much is the annual subcrption to taste of kent? £1000 a year good deal, impartial voting plus empty establishments good business plan. Mediocrity at inflated prices thank god for the Bullet train and Belgian Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can sell anything ... once.

They did got off to a flier, but it seems dead these days. Especially since Eddie G's opened a fish restaurant.

I heard they sacked their PR and given their rubbish press reviews recently maybe they should keep their head under the parapet. I don't suppose they paid him to cook or wait on tables, which is where the real problems lie.
Classic case of shooting the messenger. Perhaps the P45s ought to have been dished out closer to home.

I read that their consultant chef John Burton-Race is going to be employed full-time, which can only raise the standards.

Anonymous said...

Your best judges are you punters not wannnabe gastronauts. Void of atmosphere and piped music lovely!!!! Thank God for Marco and Frankie giving the families glamour and edible filling food hence why he gave 3 michelin stars back to the organisation as did Nico Ladenis and Pierre Koffman Out dated system judgeing napkins, cutlery and plates not taking into account what the public want, just being told that this is creative heaven, what a load of rubbish.

Anonymous said...

I think the Taste of Kent is a different award

Anonymous said...

...and first prize for 'stating the bleeding obvious' is, perhaps, yet another.

Richard Eastcliff said...

In terms of the Michelin Guide and East Kent, I've just updated my listing in the sidebar on the right. In pecking (or should that be noshing) order it goes:

1 Star - The Sportsman, Seasalter
Rising Star - The Marquis, Alkham
Bib Gourmand - Age & Sons, Ramsgate
Mention - Indian Princess, Margate

There are others further afield, but I've kept it to a 30 minute driving radius around the Ile de Thanet (or five minute walk if you live in Margate or Ramsgate).

Strangely Broadstairs is right off the Michelin map. Too many double glazing millionaires requiring a bucket of deep fried something and chips for a fiver, methinks!

By the way, while I'm at it may I remind all you double glazing millionaires who are exploring fine dining for the first time that it's good manners to leave a 10-15% tip if you've received good service?

£100 for a £98 bill with a cheery 'keep the change' just doesn't cut the mustard I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

And that's why they are millionaires and you are seeking sponsorship.

Anonymous said...

Cash millionaires, but morally bankrupt

Anonymous said...

Don't knock your local clientle as they take their fine ladies to establishments in london where Fine Dining is done with professional service and glorious decor. You can hide in your little wannabe restaurants paying over the odds for drizzles and foams no reference to your blue rinse companions at the table. Do not be afraid of dining with local people who make up the Isle of Thanet as you have to mingle with them when you buy your pound land batteries. People create the energy in a good establishment not numerically lined up ketchup bottles. You must get to know all those double glazing geezers as they to could destroy another Geogian building here in ramsgate. Plenty of places in london to rub shoulders with the big boys here in ramsgate all folk should be welcomed.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Ho ho 6:14pm! Perhaps you should be taking this blog with a bucket of salt, like your dinner!

Marquis fan said...

The Marquis at Alkham, yes, definitely. Lunch good value at £29for a couple,two courses not stingy portions either, glass of wine, coffee, home-made bread and stunning views from the lounge area. Nice,attentive staff.

Worth a punt but best to book. Haven't tried the evening menu or the accommodation.

Anonymous said...

If you look for reviews of Harvey's online you get some very odd results ranging from 'awful, rancid dessert, disgusting' to 'fabulous, wonderful' so perhaps the good ones were written by a) friends of the owners or b) those with little idea of good food or c) perhaps it is good sometimes but not others.

I know the one time I went there it was pretty dire and we determined not to go back.

There never seems to be much of a crowd whenever I walk by at lunchtime.

Anonymous said...

Ah but the B,B breakfast club award has just been audaciously announced - and its a great five croissants (rampant) awarded to the Belgian Bar.

Richard Eastcliff said...