Monday, December 10, 2007

Wind Up

Blimey! What an appropriately gusty day for the government to give the go-ahead for another 7,000,000 offshore fart farms. Mind you, it'll give my campaign to promote Ramsgate as The Windy City a boost. And add weight to my plans to convert our crumbling West Cliff Hall into a world class research centre for wind.

As some older Ramsgatonians may know, we're no strangers to wind here in the Millionaires' Playground. And to prove the point, Samantha has sent me another of her splendid clips. This illuminated windmill apparently used to stand somewhere on Ramsgate's West Cliff:
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Anonymous said...


I paid a visit to Slugger O Toole and read an interesting factoid piece. It costs less to fund a pupil at a Grammar School than a pupil at a Comprehensive.

It is obvious what must be done. Send every kid to Grammar School save a fortune.

What they are proposing with offshore wind generators equates to one for every half a mile of coastline.

However they will not be evenly distributed but, apparently, used in clusters so as to absorb wind energy which would otherwise cause havoc ashore.

They think they can stop the Turnip Centre blowing over.

Anonymous said...

What about the old Pleasurama site Michael keeps on about ? Won't that blow down either ?

Anonymous said...

Hope so!

Lucy Mail said...

>>Send every kid to Grammar School save a fortune.<<

After reading that sentence, I can't help thinking that there would be more to gain than just money!

Anonymous said...

Send them to Grandma school that would teach them.

Anonymous said...

Upon reading your erudite contribution Lucy Mail, I am prompted to ask a question.

Did anyone mention "Allegorical levels" at your comp ?

Anonymous said...

Lucy. A story of recall for you.

When I was a teenager (which is some time ago when I could do stuff like grammar) we would go to the meetings during general elections. That was entertainment back then.

An older member of our town rugger club was politicized and sure to provide a laugh.

The tory MP, a well nourished man, had been a POW of the Japanese during WW2. In the hall were former "Other ranks" of the same regiment. They were emaciated men damaged for life by POW slave labour.

Their story was that in that Regiment the officers accepted segregation for Geneva Convention treatment by the Japs. Hence the hearty good health of the MP.

As part of gaining moral ascendancy the Japs would march the Other Rankls past the Officer compound so that they could see the Officers playing hockey and enjoying a reasonable diet.

So the election meetings were attended by a certain atmosphere.

The older member of the rugger clun shouted questions from the floor when education was the topic.

The Other Rank ex POWs looked on with a quiet bearing.

The MP, eventually, shouted

"Ladies and gentlemen please look at that young man shouting from the floor. Feast your eyes, if you will, on a typical product of the state education system"

Emboldened by the silence, the MP went on:

"Enlighten us then, what school were you dragged through ?"

"That would be Eton sir"

(and he wasn't lying)