Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mincers By The Sea

I see there's a Bandstand Bazaar being held here on Ramsgate's trendy, award winning East Cliff this Saturday. It'll feature carol singing, affordable arts and crafts, a Christmas light parade (eh?) and a fire sculpture finale. Although that last one's taking a bit of a risk in these parts if you ask me.

We're also promised mulled wine, beer, hot snacks and mince pies, so that and the old cashmere thermals should keep the Arctic blasts at bay. And there'll be mistletoe! So if your fantasy has always been a quick snog with our local caff-crushing, car-crushing councillor Dave Green, or the lovely Mrs caff-crushing, car-crushing councillor Elizabeth Green, now's your chance. Festivities start at midday.

I've also received an invitation from the delightful Mrs Gaddfather of Ale to tonight's Eastcliff Residents' Association Festive Quiz at Albion House (kick-off 7.30pm), which also promises to be a boozy affair. Unfortunately I'm tied up with my festive Twankey, so if anyone's got a pair of scissors...

PS: Comments are now back on. Please keep them to the point, or if you can't keep them to the point keep them funny. And if you can't manage either, sod off!

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