Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crown Jewels

The winter edition of our council sponsored listings magazine Isle sports an artist's impression of the proposed Turner Contemporary Mark n on its front page, comparing the £25m (so far), glass clad arts centre to the Crystal Palace, and describing it as 'the jewel in the nation's crown'.

Isn't that tempting fate somewhat? I mean, the original Crystal Palace burnt down in 1936. And this one's going to be in the Arsonists' Playground!

Click here for yet more of Margate burning down on the BBC News website. This time it's a factory making flame retardant chemicals. I agree, you couldn't make it up, could you!


Mine of useless information said...

Poor Joseph Paxton must be turning (gettit?) in his grave. Did you know that he first doodled his idea for the Crystal Palace on a paper napkin in a station buffet in September 1850 and by May 1851 it was up and open for business! TDC have already spent millions and we ain't seen nothing yet! Talk about progress!

Anonymous said...

Well ECR Westwood is becoming the Suspect Hazard Quadrangle.

(1) How was the question of anthrax burials at the former Haine Hospital resolved ?

(2) The plague pit at Poorhole (Poor Hole) Lane

(3) Allegedly chemical contamination of the chalk in the area of Poorhole Lane

(4) The question of whether Thor made or handled stuff like red mercury at their Margate HQ.

Buy a property in the area ? I don't think so.

Suspicious said...

Apparently Thor stored chemicals for the hairdressing industry - well we all know what hydrogen peroxide has been used for lately - did they find any evidence of any bomb-making equipment in the ashes?

Tracey Emin (No Relation) said...

You missed a vital nugget from December 2008. "KCC announce building to start on the Turner Centre any moment."