Friday, December 21, 2007

Charity Bid's A Winner

Hurrah! The ECR/Bignews Margate axis has won the flying doctor's charity eBay auction to get our very own banner tugged around the island. Well, er, it wasn't that difficult as we were the only people to bid. What a load of skinflints you Thanetians are!

More news closer to the day (Christmas Eve), but we're hoping the banner will read MERRY XMAS FROM THANET BLOGGERS, and that the proceeds will go to the NSPCC. Tony and I are going half each on the £150, but one or two of my readers offered to chuck in the odd fiver, so I'll make my contribution the full ton. Hopefully, if Tony does the same, we'll have raised 200 nicker for a good cause.

And as it's Christmas, I suppose I ought to thank the Doc for contributing his time, plane, fuel and er oh gawd I think I'm going to throw up.

Update: As Tony is over the weight limit (85kg) for the passenger seat, and I'm a purely fictional persona, Dr Moores has asked us if he could auction the spare seat off for more charity wonga via local radio. Which is a nice idea, so listen out for that.

Update update: Er, he's now taking sealed bids via email for the spare dicky, so send your offers to


Lucy Mail said...

So we'd have to listen to KMFM's exciting repetoir of twelve Christmas songs for the next few days? I don't think so.
As I said, I would be interested in that, and care not whether I have to ride pillion or side-saddle. But having to listen to KMFM, around Christmas, is asking too much!
Now that he's a Thanet councillor, couldn't I just bung him a monkey?

Anonymous said...

So let's get this right, Dickie old boy; having moaned all year about red and white oozalum birds around Thanet and more recently at a group of tree-huggers being naive enough to be sponsored by the airline concerned, YOU have sponsored Biggles' Plane to go round and round in circles!!!!
Lay off the Festive plonk, old chap, its clearly producing some erratic Christmas good will and all that.

ZumiWeb said...

Actually it's more cunning than that - the jumbo clearly can't land or take off whilst there's a little plane towing a long piece of engine-tangling vinyl footling about. The trick is to keep the little plane circling Manston 24hours a day... Much quieter, and God knows how many hours it would have to fly to cause as much environmental mischiefe as one minute's worth of Oasis flight.

DrMoores said...

Unfortunately eBay won't allow auctions of less than three days duration for the co-pilot's place, so I am having to accept sealed bids for the NSPCC to my hotmail address. Details on ThanetLife!


Eastcliff Richard said...

I think I'm just about being consistent, anon, 6:09, as I've only ever argued for proper regulation of the airport and cancellation of the ruinous and heavily polluting Oasis 747 training flights. I would certainly never accept charity directly from Manston unless and until they begin having some regard for their neighbours.

Although I agree that something must have gone horribly wrong somewhere, as the Doc is now leaving comments. I promise to lay off the booze and buck my ideas up in the New Year!

As for exhibiting your thong in the doctor's cockpit, Lucy, it seems he is now taking offers on his hotmail, so seal your bid and get it in!

tony flaig bignews said...

Damn It looks like I will have give the full ton, I have informed MR Puss that if I give much more to charity not only won't he be seeing any turkey for christmas this year but his favourate treat of a tin of tuna will also off limits.

Lucy Mail said...

On closer inspection of my bank account, I don't appear to have any monkeys at all. I'd imaging a tenner would be enough to beat off the competition, and if it comes to a tie-break, well, I'm sure that my 'beating off' tactics would work there, too.

Arthur "Baker" Harris said...

Humph I remember the days when I used to raffle off targets for Bomber Command, if I hadn't got my ticket books messed up after a good night in the mess the Dresden bombing would never have happened.
Put me down for twelve guineas for incendaries on those ghastly Turner Centre folk, with a crate of mild if he actually manages to hit it.
Tally Ho!