Friday, December 07, 2007

Glued To The Box

Tonight's Money Programme (BBC2, 7pm) should make fascinating viewing for chaps of a certain age who habitually found themselves with small bits of plastic stuck in their barnet when they were nippers.

It's all about the resurrection of Airfix, the glue together kit company which Margate firm Hornby bought after it, er, came unglued last year. Hornby have already made a success of Scalextric and, of course, Hornby model trains.

Manufacturing has now been shifted to China, and groovy, new kits for the Playstation generation have been designed, including a snap together Dr Who. Probably a wise move. After all, kids these days would probably be more interested in sniffing the glue than using it to patiently construct a 1:400 scale model of the Scharnhorst!

Click here for BBC Airfix story
Click here for Airfix website
Click here for Hornby website


Anonymous said...

Oh! So that's why Sandy went to China - trying to get Airfix production back to Thanet.

Anonymous said...

You can glue yourself to my box any day.

Anonymous said...

Yes I admit it I went to Boarding School. My parents struggled to pay the fees. each term we had to bring to school a hobby project.

One term I wrote to the parents asking to be sent an Airfix Sunderland Seaplane.

I got a letter back asking me what the line is before "Pop goes the weasel" ! hence no airfix model.

On hols at the end of that term the parents did ask what I had done as a hobby in the absence of an airfix project.

"Boxing club" I replied.

"Oh", says mum, "I never wanted my boys to do boxing, why did you join the school boxing club ?"

"Something to do with half a pound of tuppeny rice"

True story ECR. Your piece called it all back. And I had wanted to do the boxing all along. Wasn't the Sunderland the most expensive airfix plane kit ?

Little Weed said...

Us girls did Airfix too but as to actually naming the type of plane we put together - no. And getting pink paint was a problem too