Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Arrowing Experience

Holy ear defenders! I think I'm going to have to switch off my deaf aid! Both the Red Arrows and that knackered old jumbo have just started dive bombing my cliff top mansion.

I presume the dastardly Doctor has something to do with this. Maybe he didn't like my charity suggestion after all!


Cross at missed opprtunity said...

Silly me! Heard the racket but never thought to look out the window- never expected it to be the Red Arrows in December!

Lucy Mail said...

I'm sure he'll come round with my offer of getting him into the '1,500 feet high club'.

Anonymous said...

1500 feet and 3 inches you mean.

Tony said...

From the Mrs: surely thats a hearing aid not a deaf aid!

Anonymous said...

Thought Oasis were only flying Sunday. Or was that Friday? Might have been Tuesday though.
Whatever day it is, it's a pain in the rudder.

Anonymous said...

"How is the wind strength up there"

"Slightly stiffening over"

I will be sending a donation by post direct to Doc at TDC.

As I assume the initial Dirty and Dolly Dozen idea (of contributors to put in their funds at the bookshop) is superfluous to requirements following your and Tony Flaig's generous intervention.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Give the Doc his due, he's quite happy to tow the banner if your bid is the highest! I think the whole idea is bally marvellous. Everyone's a winner! On the subject of Oasis, also give the Doc some credit. He did bring to their attention that disturbing the peace at week-ends was causing undue disturbance and the big white and red bird does seem to have settled for Tuesdays when it can. I personally blame the RAF/USAAF for concreting a grass runway. If grass was alright for the 'few' it could have been left that way?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'm in such a festive, forgiving mood that I find myself agreeing with all of you! Or perhaps it's the mulled wine.

Anonymous said...

Well done doc I will be sending him a donation for NSPCC.

Merry Christmas ECR.

From Gezoos Band