Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rammed Up The A*se

As I was toddling back down the A2 after doing my Christmas shopping in Knightsbridge yesterday, the old Toyota Priapus was rear-ended by one of those white Transit vans that seem to regard all three lanes as their own personal domain these days.

I must admit my practice of annoying van drivers when they're behind me by decelerating on downhill stretches, where they like to work up a bit of speed, and accelerating on the uphill stretches, where their underpowered, overburdened hulks struggle to reach the speed limit, may have contributed to the incident. But don't tell my insurance company that.


Anonymous said...

Next time I flash pull over into the left-hand land its designed for dawdling.

Transit drivers generally travel at 80-90 and are a lot more experienced than you. Wake up keep alert and out the way.

Be aware that other vans travel faster, do not attempt to keep up with an astra van, I doubt you have the road skill or speed.

If you get the urge to drive a white van in the future try a Berlingo its shite.

Keep safe don't upset other drivers.

Happy new year

derick97 said...

Nasty Person

Anonymous said...

Please accept my sympathy Richard, old chap.
4.45 has the arrogance to assume that white van men are 'more experienced'? How ?
He admits (he clearly is one of the mindless 'nerds') that they flog their firms' loaded vehicles along our highways at illegal and dangerous speeds and with distances between vehicles that are too close for them to stop within their braking distances and this is 'experienced drivers'? 4.45 is clearly a sad case who equates driving with his attitude to love;

"Whim, bang, thank you mam, you've just been banged by white van man"

tony flaig bignews said...

I would not condone the remarks of Anon 4:45 but as a driver of a white van usually of the crew bus type, I take safety very seriously.

It strikes me that many motorists have an exaggerated view of their capabilities and that of their vehicle, frequently pulling out into lanes ignoring traffic. A bad driver is a bad driver, I find van drivers including myself as amongst the most courteous.

Anecdote Man said...

Is the grass greener on the other side of the central reservation?

Anonymous said...

All they are thinking of this time of year is their Xmas knees-up. Be warned.

Anonymous said...

If the van driver turns out to be an uninsured Romany (driving an overburdened hulk) .....

No comments about Gippos please

Lucy Mail said...

My goodness, anonymous of 4:45, what a misinformed, boring toss-pot you are! You make taxi and Volvo drivers seem reasonable!

Get a life, you numpty.

Oliver said...

Honestly speaking, I do not like van drivers, especially white van men. They behave themselves on a road so out brazen, man and van is a nightmare for the rest of drivers. They thinks that they can do whatever they want. Cutting in is their lovely manner to show superiority.