Thursday, December 06, 2007

East Cliff Scores A Hatrick!

According to regular contributor Millicent it was a straight 1-2-3 for our swinging East Cliff at the Ramsgate Society Town Image Awards 2007 today!

The top gong was handed out to our newly revamped, super-duper, out-of-this-world bandstand, with Miles' Bar on the front runner-up, and the new sheltered housing development at the bottom of Thanet Road third. Hurrah!

There was one serious omission, however. Namely why in the name of everything that's holy wasn't the East Cliff's most famous resident invited to the glitzfest? It's not every day I get to go to a slap-up do at our luxury, 12 star San Clu Comfort Inn y'know. Kuh!


Anonymous said...

All members of the Ramsgate Society were invited!!

chapel player said...

How did the bandstand win I heard the chairman, vicechair and editor were against it. Must have been the church cat that voted.

Anagram Man pure-shore of this parish said...

It was a xif