Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thanet Council In YouTube Boob

Holy server errors! Pootling around the internet just now, I spied Thanet Council's competition (Prop.: B. Iggles) to find photos and videos of the Ile as part of their 'Thanet Is Beautiful' campaign. Their trailer on YouTube, a rather ham-fisted affair notable only for a soundtrack by Rochester's Hammond organ virtuoso James Taylor, has so far received a paltry 23 hits in the ten days it's been up. And they've only managed to recruit one group member, er, themselves.

Frankly, what they require is a TV genius like me to liven the competition up a bit. So it was with the best of intentions (honestly guv) that I attempted to join their BoobTube group and upload some of the videos that Mr Ceaucescu (no relation) has created for ECR TV.

At that point the mystery of why they only have themselves to look at was solved, with the screen of my old Del Boy laptop filled from top to toe with the above gobbledygook. Kuh! Amateurs! Nonetheless, I did manage to submit the photograph below which I took last year. Do you think I'll win the 500 smackers?


Anonymous said...

£500 - i'm gonna give a go and dig out some photos

Anonymous said...

Thanks for publicising our competition on this blog.  We're  sorry to hear you are having problems posting a video.  Other users seemed to have no problems.
As the video part of the competition is hosted completely by YouTube, you may want to check out their help at:
Alternatively you can also submit a video to us on DVD or VHS.  Simply go to to find out more.
Best wishes

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yikes! Ever get the feeling you were being watched?