Monday, October 22, 2007

Cover Story

My Harley Street quack is deeply indebted to regular reader Mr X for the laughter-induced hernia I sustained upon reading an email from him earlier today. The email contained a link to a catalogue of the worst album covers ever created. Here is the link.

Do take the precaution of going for a tinkle before you look, though, as I would not want to be responsible for the dry cleaning bills. I've taken the liberty of reproducing three of my favourites below, just to get you acclimatised. But there are seventeen in all. Scroll down slowly and savour!


Little Weed said...

I am so jealous of Mrs McKeithens hair

Eastcliff Richard said...

Gosh! And there was me thinking she was wearing an owl's nest on her head. Not so much a hair do as a hair don't.

Anonymous said...

The Wally Whyton one is fantastic!