Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Our local biblio-bloke Michael Child, who runs the splendid Michael's Bookshop on Ramsgate's trendy King Street, has emailed me to say that he's started his own biblio-blog. Check it out here.


Michael Child said...

Richard thanks for the post, funny I think how one puts a lot of effort into web publishing, last month my conventional websites Michaelsbookshop.com and Thanetonline.com got 150,000 hits I got the inevitable emails asking about the history of ”my house” “my family” and one complaining about the spelling and grammar. Ok here we are doing our thing, but I notice an underlying respect developing between the people who actually make the effort, I mean respect for you here.

ZumiWeb said...

Hear hear - respect all round for those who make the effort, whether occasionally or regularly. Apparently there are already 200 million abandoned blogs - so many start one, do a couple of posts then give up. So it's up to us to keep it going (and encourage others), and stay in the elite!

Michael, when you say 150,000 hits, do you really mean hits, page views or unique visitors? (A page with 5 images registers 6 hits each time it's viewed so 'hits' is the least useful measure...). If you need some help analysing your site statistics, just let me know, they can often provide some suprising insights.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, treble statistics all round!