Friday, October 19, 2007

Lifeboat Rescue

Since the new owners took over that Costcutter near Mr Filthy Talk Talk's (soon to be ex-) Post Office, I've noticed that every week, when I go in to buy my Gra*ia, the teeny-tiny lifeboat that I usually drop the spare change in has become more and more marooned.

The other week, instead of being ready for action right by the till, it was washed up behind an enormous bank of Haribo, chewing gum, and all manner of cheap sugary crap. I'm afraid I berated the otherwise friendly owner for a serious lapse of civic duty, and this week I see it's back on display in pride of place. Hopefully the new dredging arrangements in our Royal Harbour will do the same for the real thing.

Unfortunately the same can't be said of the St John's Ambulance tin, and Beach Within Reach box, which have both been consigned to the retail equivalent of a Westgate nursing home, i.e out of sight and out of mind. Which is a shame, because only the other day I received this missive from Kim Twyman, the Treasurer of Beach Within Reach, Ramsgate's newest charity:

We have noted your comments about our charity boxes not having a charity number on them. We would like to let you know that we have now replaced the old labelling on the charity boxes with our new charity number. We apologise for the delay in replacing the labelling but as you can imagine there are numerous things to set in place when starting and running a new charity.

I wonder if it would be possible for you to put details of our charity on your website. I have attached a leaflet on our charity and a photograph (as a Jpeg) of the All-Terrain wheelchairs to give people an idea of what we are trying to achieve. These All-Terrain wheelchairs can be used by adults and children and can be fitted with accessories to enable severely disabled children/adults to use them. There will be no hire charge only a returnable deposit. Proof of ID will be required.

Hopefully these All-Terrain wheelchairs will be on Ramsgate main beach for the new season of 2008 and on other beaches in the Thanet area as funds permit. We hope this project will increase the tourism industry in our area. We are trying to reach charities, organizations and schools out of the area that run holidays/breaks/days out for the disabled.

Kim concludes:

Donations towards the purchase and running of these All-Terrain wheelchairs would be very welcome. Especially from millionaires!! Please send cheques made payable to “Beach Within Reach” to 28 Crescent Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9QX.

Glad to be of service Kim!

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