Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Turnip 2.2

I see architect David Chipperfield, still glowing no doubt from receiving the RIBA Stirling Prize less than a fortnight ago, has presented revised plans for Margate's proposed Turnip Centre.

The previous design was criticised in some circles for resembling a power station. But the lad's now really pulled out the stops, and his latest effort looks more like a bus station. He's quoted as saying:

If you do a good project, if you make a good institution where you get the architecture, the idea and the role in the community right - then you can be guaranteed that people will come and look at it.

Well, David, for £25m of our taxpayers' money (so far), I'm sure we'll all want to come and gawp!

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Millicent said...

Certainly an improvement as at least it has a nautical flavour now but I still think it would have been better to use half of the Winter Gardens for a gallery

Michal Child said...

I am afraid this chap David may have watched too much Dr Who as a lad, anyone else see the resemblance to K9’s head. Perhaps he is having a bit of a joke with us denizens of Thanet.

This is an art gallery in a Georgian, Regency and Victorian town, where are the colonnades, porticos ornamented arches? In fact why can’t it look like an art gallery? And where are the ears?

Anonymous said...

K9? More like a couple of canines. Just what Margate needs, a couple of prize gnashers to compensate for Godden's Gap!

tony flaig bignews said...

This is as good as it gets for Margate and I reckon that its not bad at that, so move on.

I suggest youn turn your attention to the Dreamland carve up!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, let's all settle for 'it's as good as it gets for Margate', eh Tony?

I will modestly admit, though, that they have taken my advice on board and given the new design a briny whiff. An improvement on the previous version.

And I hear it'll be clad in recycled glass, so they've definitely earned their fees by watching the last series of Coast which featured the double deck promenade in Hastings, which is, er, clad in recycled glass, a legacy of pioneering 1930s recycler Sidney Little.

Anonymous said...

I really like it. I think it's fantastic. Margate is lucky to get it especially with the perochial attitudes that prevail around here.

Anonymous said...

Let's rally round it and get the rest of Margate less sh*t shape and more ship shape for when it opens.

Anonymous said...

The tide is definitely turning for Margate. Not everything's rosy, but not everything's dismal either, let's try knocking things forward instead of back. It's harder and it's less popular ... maybe I've just found the flaw in my argument??

Millicent said...

As a Ramsgate resident I don't wish Margate any harm - I love the old town and want to see more being achieved there - we all need to stick together to get the best for Thanet and not let ourselves be short-changed by any of the "anything's good enough for Thanet" brigade. I suggest we all start saving our empties (Krug too!) to donate to TDC. Chippers will need a lot of recycled glass to cover his new design so we can donate our home-grown variety!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well I've got a couple of cases of empties I was going to take to the recycling bank (as TDC have yet to introduce recycling here on the East Cliff. When, TDC? When?).

I think I'll pop into DC's next time I'm in town and deposit them with him. I'll bet he'll be over the moon.

If anyone else is up for it, his address is:

David Chipperfield Architects
Cobham Mews
Agar Grove
London NW1 9SB
United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Well done ECR. Donate a few of your empties and help Chippers put his recycled sheets to the wind.

Do you think the Turner Centre will attract 130,000 NEW visitors per year to Margate ?

Is the old economy killer rule, that coaches must be out of the resort by 6PM, no longer in force ?

The flagship of Margate regeneration ? Wait and see but keep your laughing powder dry.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Chippers. A man who take criticism on board.

He reflected on opinions that his earlier effort looked a bit like a power station.

Back he went to the drawing board and he created his finalizedf plans for a building that exactly resembles a power station.

Anonymous said...

On an ex Forces site there was a thread "Show your shed".

Pictures of garden and allotment sheds appeared.

One was so good that the ex Wren concerned was advised to be careful or a family of asylum seekers would move in.

Wonderful structures. (made from recycled materials)

Chippers design would have been rejected but might have been judged under the Compost Bin category.

Just a thought said...

Does that mean that once it is built all the asylum seekers will move up there from Nayland Rock? I hope they appreciate modern art!

Anonymous said...

Anon of 7.29am

See what I mean?

Anonymous said...

The negative comments are bizarre, absolutely bizarre. We either have a gallery in Margate or we don't - the money won't be spent on anything else in the area.

The design is fantastic, and as anonymous 7.29 said, its a great shame about the parochial opinions - though I'm noticed many more positive comments than there were a year or so ago.

Anonymous said...

Can people be waking up to a Golden Opportunity? I hope so.

MA said...

I wonder if there's a reason why the visuals don't show the side viewed from Fort Hill that will include a view of the mono pitched roof? It's a bit shed like for my liking, but better than nothing and the glass will be nice. I'd prefer a squared off block than a pitched roof. But hey!