Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drain Brain

I spotted those splendid chaps from Kent Highways this morning as I pottered down to the newsagents for my copy of Bliss For Brides (romance is in the air here at the CTM - see previous post).

It was only on Saturday that I posted my concerns about blocked drains here on Ramsgate's swinging East Cliff on that FixMyStreet site. And here they are clearing them with their de-bungeriser. Almost as prompt as sending up the Bat Signal! Well done the Kent Highwaysmen!

Update: On closer inspection I may have to take all that back. The drains I reported blocked are still, er, blocked. Maybe they've had to go back to the depot and empty their de-bungeriser. I'll keep you posted on these exciting developments as and when they happen!


Anonymous said...

Some people have all the fun!

Henry Onan said...

Great site, thanks for the pointer.