Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Phone With The Wind?

Yikes! The telling bone here at the old cliff top mansion appears to have died. Although, as you can see, the interthingy seems to be working fine. Anyone else on the Ile having trouble with their BT line? Maybe it's something to do with this awful wind. Or perhaps our beloved council have come round and chopped my wires, following last week's fonejack!


Anonymous said...

Have you told them that you're a younger man in a relationship with an older woman with two children by a previous partner who have an insatiable appetite for any new service or kit to do with TV/broadband/the telephone? It works for me every time.

A N Other said...

You're not the guy in the TV ad by any chance?

Anonymous said...

The very same. Quite a change from playing that dippy dude in My Family, eh!