Monday, October 29, 2007

Sandy Beach Sandy Beach Destined For Sandy Beach?

The Sandy Beach sandy beach which currently graces our harbour entrance could be destined to top up our, er, sandy beach. Reader Jane writes:

I've heard that Councillor Latchford and co, who are putting the new dredging contract for the harbour out to tender, are investigating the possibility of using a JCB with an extended arm based on the East Pier itself to dredge the harbour, following the trial of the barge-based JCB recently. The idea would be to hoik the sand over the other side of the harbour arm onto the beach and allow wind and tide to distribute it.

That's not something I've heard myself, Jane, but I suppose it would be a, er, cost effective solution. Although I'm not sure that huge mounds of rotting harbour silt would be my idea of how to regain Blue Flag status for Ramsgate Main Sands!

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Michael Child said...

Don’t think this will work without some sort of binding to keep the sand there, Richard you can see how effective the sand is at reducing the potentially damaging waves by looking at the videos at