Monday, May 21, 2007

Ted Dead?

Well I must say the Baftas weren't quite what I expected last night. Much of the razzmatazz seems to have gone now that they've moved them to the Granville CineTheatre here on our East Cliff, and there were more pensioners sporting Dannimacs than I recall from previous awards nights. Come to think of it, there didn't seem to be any awards either.

And what's happened to my erstwhile commentator Dane Valley Ted? His blog appears to have been overrun by some gambling nonsense. And as a consequence the Thanet Blog List Recent Feeds page is turning into one humungous great bookie's ad.

I wonder if this is some money-making scheme DVT's come up with? Or perhaps he's cashed in his chips? If you're out there, Ted, give us a sign.


Justin Brown said...

Actually, I prefer the site now that it seems impossible to get on it. Much less annoying!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Ted? Annoying? Wash your, er, mouth out with soap young man!

danevalleyted said...

still here,but blog got deleted and had to sign up again.

I thought I was one of the milder of thanets bloggers,still at least I only get up justin's nose!!!!!!!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Hurrah! Ted lives!

Justin Brown said...

Nothing personal, Teddy Bare.
In my first year as a medical student we were advised that, on finding a body, the best and safest way of checking whether it's dead or just unconscious is to poke it with a stick.