Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Notting Hill On Sea v The New Millionaires' Playground

I'm playing host this week to one of the country's greatest living writers who's doing a bit of research for his column in The Sunday Telegraph.

He's been told that Hastings has been dubbed 'Notting Hill on Sea', and that Ramsgate is, of course, the 'New Millionaires' Playground'. Judging by the number of people who reach this blog by putting 'Ramsgate property' and 'Hastings property' into their google-iser, word has clearly got around.

So he's decided to spend a couple of days in both towns to determine the winner. He's already been to Hastings, which he describes as 'scuzzy' and 'terrifying in parts'. His initial thoughts on Ramsgate? 'Much nicer, and seems to have much more of a sense of purpose, with the harbour and everything.'

Of course, I'll be wining and dining him to the max over the next couple of days. This is one competition I'm determined Ramsgate is going to win!
Ramsgate: nicer than Hastings


Anonymous said...

Of course ramsgate is better than hastings - we could do battle with them any day - pity our Thanet councillors don't promote us more - a little bird told me that there was yet another slanging match between our sandy and another councillor at a planning meeting last night where locals were objecting to plans for EVEN MORE FLATS behind the Foy Boat pub - pity they don't spend more time on things that matter to the people rather than hurling insults at each other at every opportunity

Eastcliff Richard said...

Couldn't agree more. Trouble is that Thanet Council has been bipolar for so long, it's the only way they know how to behave.

I'd personally be in favour of a hung council for a bit. Might makes things a bit less combative, and a bit more collaborative.