Friday, May 18, 2007

Cauli Poor Show

Time for a quick round up of the trade papers.

Fresh produce news, and Kent's biggest cauliflower farmer, Robert Montgomery, is to cease production of the crop as it's no longer financially viable. Mr Montgomery, who farms at Upper Hale, Birchington, near Margate, said that the cauliflower acreage had dropped 35 per cent in the Thanet area over the past six years, and nationally it was nearer 50 per cent. 700 acres of caulis, and 30 staff, will now go from the Montgomery farm.

What odds am I offered that Mr Montgomery will be growing a bumper crop of 'executive homes' in the not too distant future? Although, given climate change, it would be terrific to see peppers, or even olives, replace the fart bushes.

Oh, and the BBC has lost Neighbours, almost certainly to ITV1.

There. Where else would you get brassicas and broadcasting on the same blog? Quality!


Michael Child said...

There have been considerable concerns about the effects of farting on climate change so cauliflowers may soon have to be banned anyway. I gather that Kangaroos are biologically incapable of farting and that scientists are tying to isolate the relevant gene so that they can produce a non-farting cow that will help to reduce global warming. I will be writing to them on the animal rights issue of urgently checking to see if there is also a gene that prevents kangaroos exploding.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Er, yes.

Anyway, just heard Neighbours has gone to Five, so forget what I said about ITV1. Well, let's face it, what is on ITV1 these days?

Linda said...

Of course, he will say the demand for his horrible windy cauliflowers has diminished. Most probably seen the way the council has handled Westwood development and wants a piece of the action! Although if we could put the 1000+ homes there instead of Westwood, we would be laughing!!

Justin Brown said...

As I recall from my youth, ducks are also incapable of farting. As I also recall, they have no gene to prevent them from exploding so it's probably best that you don't feed them Alka Seltzer wrapped up in dough.
As for farmer Bernard Law, he'll probably give his land over to rape. Being subsidised by the EU, it'll no doubt net him a fortune!

Anonymous said...

Quex got out of cauliflowers and eventually so did Liningtons; the modern housewife doesn't know how to cook it and kids won't eat them and when did you last have piccalilli? You have all missed the point that Montgomery eventually got the planning go ahead for acres and acres of glass-houses on his land last autumn. Go to TDC planning applications and see how big the scheme is! REALLY big!