Friday, May 25, 2007

Bandstand Bash

The Eastcliff Residents Association are holding a bit of a do tomorrow afternoon at our brand new, super-duper, out-of-this-world bandstand. Let's hope the weather holds out for it.

Turps and terpsichory are promised, although dancing will presumably be limited to tripping only the very lightest of fantastics, given the state of our crumbling cliff.


Justin Brown said...

I may mince along to that. Sounds like fun.
No need to worry about your crumbling cliff as far as I'm concerned, as I'm walking very gingerly at the moment. My hot date, last night, turned out to be very enthusiastic indeed!
So then, shall I wear a pink carnation so you can say "Hello Justin, you good lookin' S.O.B, can I get you a drink?"?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I suppose a couple of Camparis would be appropriate. What time are you thinking of tooling along?

tony flaig bignews said...

This is as good as it gets in Ramsgate

Eastcliff Richard said...

Tony, was it you who paid the BBC to puff Margate on their teeny-tiny local news programme this evening?

I was in your neck of the woods on Monday night. I was one of only three people in the pub, in the much-vaunted and fast-diminishing 'creative' quarter. Still, that's probably enough of a crowd for TDC to put out a press release trumpeting how well their strategy is working!

Justin Brown said...

Well I'm not sure what time this Mardi Gras is taking place, sister.
This Eastcliff Richard's Association wouldn't have anything to do with you, would it?
Also, are there any decent pubs on the Eastcliff? Seems to me that they're all over the other side of town!

Palace Street said...

For those in the know....
2pm event start
2.30-4.30 KOOL4KIDS karaoke & disco competitions
5.00 Live music from JACK SHAW
6.00 Welcome address by the MAYOR OF RAMSGATE
6.40 COLIN & THE CRAWFISH – Cajun musical entertainment
8.00 KIDZ DISCO till close at 9pm

3.30 & 4.30 start WILLOW CRAFT WORKSHOP for the garden with Eastcliff in Bloom - please put your name down to reserve a space

emmeline said...

Willow craft - now there's an idea! A wicker fence would make a nice change from the HERAS variety, and it is environmentally friendly. See you there gang!

Justin Brown said...

Maybe I'll pop along for 6, so I can get The Mayor's address. I've always wondered where he lives.
Then we can get on with celebrating the 'Cajun, I suppose.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Sounds great! Be there or be square. Or dry, maybe.

Justin Brown said...

Seems to me that most people wanted to stay dry!
A good half of the people there got into the spirit of things, though, and came in fancy dress as St. John's first-aiders.

Anonymous said...

The Cajun music was great. I'm listening to their CD as I write!

Eastcliff Richard said...

The cajun music was a bit of a hoot, although there seemed to be a majority in favour of five a side football.

Didn't see anyone wearing a pink carnation, though. Did you go in disguise Justin?