Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Regeneration Game

I happened upon this 'Regeneration Map' on Kent County Council's website whilst researching the Richard Eastcliff Award For A Grand Design For Ramsgate yesterday.

Designed by the same people who brought you Snakes and Ladders, this is what those chaps in Maidstone are planning for us here 'at the edge of teh known world'. As you can see, Margate's still down to get an 'offshore' Turnip Centre, which, according to the blurb, 'will make the town internationally renowned for culture by 2010'. They'd better get their skates on then. And Dreamland is, according to the KCC mandarins, due to become a 'major mixed-use development'. So forget any debate about preserving it as an amusement park.

As you'd expect, they make no mention of the Millionaires' Playground, apart from an oblique reference to 'new road schemes' and 'the introduction of flights to 27 European destinations from Kent International Airport'. Hmm.

You can download the full map as a PFD (Pretty Funny Document) here.


emmeline said...

I love the heading at the bottom of the map - from vision to reality!!! Cloud cuckooland more like

Justin Brown said...

Looks to me like KFC (Kent F*ckin' Council) is about to send Ramsgate off to Ostend, if my map reading skills are anything to go by.

derick97 said...

"Turner Contemporary, KCC’s outstanding arts centre in Margate harbour"
thats why we can't see it

Anonymous said...

check out last weeks evening standard property section double page section on ramsgate .