Friday, May 11, 2007

Tories Gain An Extra Seat

As if I didn't open enough veins last week, now I find the blue rinsers with an even larger majority, according to today's Gazunder.

In the paper's double page spread headlined: 'Meet the people who are representing you' there are 34 Conservative councillors, one more than the official tally of 33. Who is the mysterious extra Tory? Step forward Dennis Payne, who polled 432 votes to take the, er, non-existent third seat in Westbrook, according to the crack team at the Gazunder Building.

Meanwhile the paper also credits Grey Party candidate Jane Burgess with another mysterious non-existent third seat in Bradstowe ward. And poor old Ramsgate Firster Mike Taylor's seat in Central Harbour has disappeared altogether.

Oh well, not for nothing does the Gazunder sport a true blue masthead!


emmeline said...

Yes- I noticed todays's TG had got a few things wrong too - doubly nauseating to see "that" photo again and another of Sandy Beach looking as if he was posing for a revue poster for a show at the Winter Gardens - you're a week too late sandy!

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does SE look a bit like Grandpa Munster?

derick97 said...

sad when the local rag can't get it it right

Justin Brown said...

Be honest De-Rick, luvvie, the only thing they ever do get right is getting it wrong, and then in a very poor fashion!