Saturday, May 19, 2007

MP Plea

Just in case anyone thought I was less than even-handed banging on about the Blue Rinsers during the local elections, here's a little treat you may have missed. It's our local Labour MP, Dr Steve Ladychap, putting in a last minute plea on 2 May, the day before the election, for everyone to vote Tony.

Unfortunately for Dr Ladychap, when I spotted this earlier today, more than two weeks after the votes were counted, only 14 people had viewed it. That's substantially less than half the number of candidates that Labour actually put up in Thanet.

He's also clearly in need of some media training, and where better to get it than from yours truly? After all, look what I did for Bignews Tony.

Watch Ladyboy video.


Anonymous said...

Fourteen views? That many ?

I wonder whether Cllr Green (an advocate of Magna Carta) should have a word with Ladychap.

Process of natural justice, St Thomas Aquinas and implications for obligations of an MP blah blah

Hang on Cllr Green whilst Ladychap asks Pfizers what they think about that.

Ladychap fresh back with some answers ?

"Cllr Green apparently it has nothing to do with alleged sub standard pipe and vessel welds on a recent pharmaceutical company development .. just off to see what Cummins thinks"

Fresh back with some answers

"And apparently it is nothing to do with alleged sub-standard generators supplied to NHS hospitals. Pure coincidence that backup generators at three new PFI hospitals have all failed during powercuts, just see what Thanet Police think"

Fresh back

"And Cllr Green the Magna Carta obligation, that constables will only be appointed from men who know the law of the realm and who are minded to keep it well, does not apply to Thanet now to see what TDC think"

Fresh back

"And Cllr Green Mr Samuel says that it does not apply to the conduct of Standards Committee when you are sitting on it"

Cllr Green "Gulp"

Eastcliff Richard said...

Of course! How on earth did I miss that?

Anonymous said...

You ask why you missed that ?

Well Cllr Green has put a lecturette on Magna Carta on his site I think.

I would think, given your busy schedule, that you have not of late availed the public information from the worthy Thanet Justices of ye Peace.

Namely the obligatory laying of Common Law Informations reporting suspicion of treason. (the theme here being antient law).

At the moment, apart from a Kent Police name here and there (of officers who then suddenly retired from the force) the name Cllr William Hayton has thus been put to the public domain.

The deliberations of the Standards Cttee, on which sat Cllr Green some years ago ? When Mr Samuels became Chief Exec he chose to report the contents of the complaint to Standards on to Police.

The Common Law obligation (to do nothing in such a case is a liufe imprisonable offence called Misprision) is to report suspicion to either a constable or a Justice.

Since the information Mr Samuel chose to report to police named the police ... then I suggest that his act was irrational at law and that he, like me, should have laid a Common Law Information with the Thanet Bench.

Why don't you know about this ?

Ask the Thanet Gazette.

Consistently refused to report any facts adverse to the image of Kent Police.

A question re Cllr Hayton is what he may have said on oath at the High Court in defence of then fellow tory Cllr George Richard Maison (successfully sued for libel by ex Cllr Margrate Mortlock)

There are only two categories of witness in High Court FACT and EXPERT. The question is whether Cllr Hayton innovated a third category namely FICTION.

It seems that steely eyed military man Maison was alleged to have assaulted elderly Cllr Mortlock at a TDC meeting.

It also seems that Cllr Hayton may in evidence have stated that there was no process of inquiry leading the court to infer that no inquiry meant no assault.

However at the time of the allaged assault Cllr Hayton, it seems, was on honour withdrawal from the meeting. Which requires that he had put himself beyond sight and sound. Rulling him out as a witness of FACT.

The only other category is EXPERT (by way of elected office) in which case I would argue Cllr Hayton was under a duty to the High Court to state that in August 1997 Kent Police Authoprity had called on Chief constable for inquiry and report into any possible relatioinship between the 1987 arrest of MAISON (paramilitary activity contrary to the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819) and the later bombing of Deal Royal Marines Barracks and the matter of sabotage consistent with Stage Three of the IRA Garland Plan alleged to have targetted manufacture and installation of backup generators.

IF Cllr Hayton lied (by not telling the whole truth known to him as a member of Kent Police Authority) and if such a lie to the High Court then provided aid and comfort to her majestys enemies in her realm .. then that would be treason and life imprisonment.

And all you had to do was ask yer nearest Justice of the Peace.

IF there is ever a conviction in the above matters any Justice or Constable who failed to act on an information of suspicion become complicit. So that if (like with the last lot of arrested IRA electricity supply saboteurs 1996 Canterbury ... 35 years per man) the offender cops 35 years so do all the Justices, Councillors and Constables AND MPs (Ladychap) who had been informed but did nothing.

Perhaps that is why Cllr Green has been reading up on his Magna Carta of late ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he's having difficulty sleeping?