Sunday, May 27, 2007

Whelkome News

As if to prove that Ramsgate isn't being completely left behind in the culture stakes, I see we now have a whelk stall to rival Mannings on Margate Pier, promising to sell all sorts of seafood and fresh fish seven days a week.

It's run by the ubiquitous Cannons, who've been boat and fisher folk here since before the Vikings invaded. They've just been given their licence by TDC, so yesterday was their first day. And already they're becoming a bit tired of people shouting: 'Have yer got any crabs on yer, cock?'


Anonymous said...

Yes great to see the stall.good luck to them,they are a hardworking local family who deserve to do well.They have been really busy these last few weeks.just what we needed

Eastcliff Richard said...

Good news indeed. Warms my cockles, in fact.

Anonymous said...

At least you've still got some ECR.

Anonymous said...

A past conversation from Ramsgate Harbour:

RON: Congratulations Bill, a Ramsgate charter fisherman getting top marks in allthe country in his skippering exams.

BILL: That is kind of you Ron. But trouble is top of a pile of shit is still shit mate.

RON: Well done anyway and we are here keeping an eye on you mate. You get into shit and we will never fail to put to sea with the shovels.

BILL: We all know that mate. Thank you for caring.

I hope the Cannons do well best of luck to them.