Monday, May 28, 2007

All The Types Of Work Of The Plumbing Undertaken

When I to look at after this place for Mr. Eastcliff, I thought that I would apprehend the chance to have a glad chat with you regarding the work that terrific I make in the field of the plumbing.

If it is a suite that full of the bathroom you are looking at to install, or only some washers in the taps to blink that they need to move, the plumbing of Mr. Ceaucescu (no relation) is its reply. We work to the better standards placed by the Institute Romanian of the Plumbing and also do work to the BRITISH standards such as CORGI (even so I we thought always that this age the dog of The Queen! Ha-ha I makes little joke).

They go thus on, give them one clinked. We are 24 hours here the one day, 7 days one week. We do not load a tax of call-out, and will always give a honest estimate to it before profollowing with the work. It is forgotten rest - the plumbing it Mr. Ceaucescu (no relation) is better!

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Anonymous said...

A little known fact is that the Queen keeps corgis to symbolise that there is no tail to wag a royal dog.

I recall working (for £1000 per week) in 1989 for a European Company constructing a paper mill in the Midlands.

I was on site for three weeks and this gained me the lodgings landlady award for long service by an English electrician on that European run site (to European standards)

Earthing ? (Not up to British standards). Fire barrier such as steel gland plates separating each switching and control panel from the main body of air in the building ... non existent (IE Not to British standards).

Mechanical strength of cable entry to panels ... non existent (IE Not to British standard)

No British electrician wanted their name on the record when commissioning approached.

Even for a grand a week.

The European on site reckoned that British could not match their speed of work (IE spped of installing dangerous crap).

But I worked with Welsh lads at Port Talbot steelworks who would have left the Europeans standing ... just as long as the foreman (sometimes moi) said the magic word "Jobber" (paid for how much you do not how many hours on site). Working with those lads I was copping 736 a week (24 hours pay per night) for seven six hour nightshifts and all the workmanship first rate. (The other key aspect of industrial electrical installation being NO MANAGERS ... the tradesmen run the show)

There are some Eastern Europeans around my neck of the woods doing pavier block driveways etc .. and their work is outstandingly good.

Speak as we find that is the English way. I also watched some Poles doing up Blackpool hotels .. flipping good lads. Buying leases and running them as hostels but doing them up really well. Good luck to them. There are local Brits quite happy to be giro munchers. And the Poles were using licensed waste carriers and NOT fly tipping old beds mattresses etc. Good enough for me.