Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Art Monitor

I haven't been firing on all one cylinder recently, must be the shock and desolation of not getting the speaking clock gig. And Bev, my agent, promised I'd be a shoo-in. Shows what she knows.

Consequently I omitted to mention that I bumped into one of the Ile's most influential wrinkly rockers during my sojourn in the Arsonists' Playground on Monday night. Genial Margatonian Mark Hewins, who plays with Saint Gob of Beldof, was instrumental in the guerilla music protest at the Turnip Centre's M&S wing last year, which was at the time exhibiting a huge black rubber ball and some other things.

You can read all about Mark's search for a pair of authentic, artistic, grass root Reg Grundies on his website.

Speaking of grass roots art, yet another new blog sprang up here in the Monte Carlo of Kent yesterday. Zumi means 'buzz' in Esperanto and 'that's the only explanation you get for now...'. The blog also links to ThanetCAN (Creative Arts Network), which sports a jolly nice photograph of the Grand Turk leaving the Royal Harbour yesterday. And that's about it so far.

Blimey, we can't grow caulis anymore here on the Ile de Thanet, but boy, can we grow blogs!


ZumiWeb said...

I'm honoured such an important personality spotted my humble first post on its first day. I s'pose that's how you get to be - and stay - a millionaire, by keeping a careful and constant watch over your shoulder (hard to tell the time from there but you get the idea...). Cheers, mark.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I do my best in very difficult circumstances.

It helps that I'm on the Ramsgate meridian and therefore 5 minutes ahead of everyone else.

Actually my policy is (very loosely) to link only to people who link to me, so I'm always easily impressed by a new blog that includes me in its sidebar straight from the off.

Good luck with the Zuming!

Anonymous said...

Dear Eastcliff Richard

Thanet really CAN you know...

Anyone who wants to get creative over a few pints is welcome to join us (and this new grassroots (dis)organisation which meets on the first monday of the month at Churchills... Next meeting 7.30pm June 4th.