Friday, May 18, 2007

Sign Of The Times

Terracotta Glenn, who sent in his plan for larger-than-lifesize Vikings along the seafront in my Richard Eastcliff Award For A Grand Design For Ramsgate competition, has sent me another photograph from his China trip. He writes:

If Ramsgate is to be taken seriously as an attraction for the rich and geriatric, this picture shows what you really need. A man of your, er, standing in the community must surely have noticed.

I have noticed, Glenn, and more and more frequently as I head towards my, er, 30th year.


Anonymous said...

So it's Dover for the continent, Ramsgate for the incontinent!

Aah, the old ones are the best!

Michael Child said...

Oh the Vikings when the qualification to be king was the ability to be able to pee over the top of the mast of a long ship, I’m sure this would be a better way to chose local government than democracy, I’m sorry I did warn you.

Anonymous said...

I agree

Reader Glenn said...

Actually, Richard, the last time I was in Ramsgate it was so cold I could barely find Percy, let alone point him at anything!

Anonymous said...

Problem is you need to find a Wc before you can stick a notice on it - in whatever language. BTW Glenn do you know the origin of that quaint phrase about Percy?