Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cannes Do

I see from today's Sadscene that a chap from Cliftonville is planning to put Thanet on the movie map by holding an international film festival on the Ile.

Carl Tooney, known to his chums at Warner Bros as 'Looney' Tooney (er, not really, I just made that up) is organising the first, week long festival for June next year. And what better place to hold it than Ramsgate, the Cannes of Kent? (Note to self: must bring forward opening of my new theme restaurant Planet Thanetwood.)

Speaking of which, the Millionaires' Playground is due to feature in a Waitrose ad airing from Monday. The 40 second commercial shows organic Kentish apple juice being delivered to our local store, where you can also buy deliciously appropriate Millionaire Shortbread. Ha! That'll teach the Dickensians to get all hoity-toity over a fleeting glimpse of Boredstares jetty behind that irritating nodding dog flogging car insurance!

And finally, Margate is set to feature on a new set of Royal Snail 'British seaside' stamps. Well, two of the donkeys that wander up and down the beach, that is. Such a shame that no-one from the Arsonists' Playground will ever see the stamps in real life. I mean, who in Margate is ever going to spend 78p on postage?


Anonymous said...

Fanet Film Festival!

Where do these people come from?

Not the real world obviously.

Whatever happened to that bloke who was going to open a space centre at Manston. I wish these people would get the backing first, or but their brains in gear before opening their mouths.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well, you can see all his exciting plans on his website.

Anonymous said...

Says it all really,Thanks.

What films do you think he ought to include. How about.

A Bridge to Far?
Final Fantasy?
A shot in the dark?
Great Expectations?
etc etc

Anonymous said...

Forbidden Thanet?
Heaven's Margate?
All's Well That's Pegwell?
The Cliftonyville Horror?

Anonymous said...

The Island of Dr Mooreau
Escape From Acoltraz

Eastcliff Richard said...

Margreat Expectations?

Oh come on, at least I'm giving it a go!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fleeting glimpses on telly, the continuity breaks on Paramount Comedy 1 feature stills of beach scenes in the area near the Digby. Thorley TV?