Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sign Of The Times

Bombing back from London this evening in the TT, I was gratified to see that someone has at last carried out my suggestion of renovating the Ramsgate sign on the outskirts of town.

Gone are the blobs of chewing gum which once adorned it, forming an alarming night time simulacrum of bullet holes in the partially reflected glare of the TT's headlights. Gone, too, are the invasive ivy, mildew and diesel stains. Conflans, unfortunately, remains, but apart from that, the sign shines out like a beacon, a fitting welcome for millionaires and lesser mortals alike.

A pity, though, that there are still more than 147 unilluminated street lights on the charming cliff road down to the marina. Perhaps us millionaires should have a whip round and lend poor old Thanet District Council 50p to put in the meter.


I.Slipova said...

I must agree - that sign is now much more befitting of our lovely town. All we need now is to get someone to pick up all the dog's mess.

Anonymous said...

I'll be getting a can of luminous paint and spraying them during the day so that at least I won't have to step in them when out walking at night.