Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Moores' Law

Congratulations to Dr Simon Moores from the Thanet Life blog for stumbling across my fevered musings over here on Ramsgate's East Cliff.

I can heartily recommend Dr Moore's site (the link is on the right) as a font of all wisdom and news regarding the Ile de Thanet.

Even though he appears to live in Birchington.


Anonymous said...

I was so pleased that the link to your 'site' was mentioned by Simon Moores ... I have only been reading stuff like that for a short time and it quite interests me - but your work (can we call it work?) your reflections - they had me in stitches - because they were funny but because they were SO inciteful ... I read them in a library and couldnt contain myself - the idea of Dreamland becoming Arson World just DID IT for me ... how true how true!
I will look in here all the time - and will sometimes write - I will tell everyone about it - just as long as YOU keep up the good work - keep it personal - let that be the cry!
Steve (stevejmurphy@hotmail.com)

DrMoores said...

Actually it's Westgate but thanks!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Apologies Dr M, I had no idea you were from Westgate, The Octogenarians' Playground.

Anonymous of 11:15am, you are too kind, and I have a good mind to forward you one of my specially created gold barkers' nests, modelled on one of the many that can be found on the pavement outside my millionaire residence here in Ramsgate.