Saturday, March 25, 2006

Avast Behind!

Today's weather was just the ticket for hanging around the harbour in my Captain's cap, chunky sweater and deck shoes. Such attire is all the rage among my millionaire mates in Whitstable, so it won't be long before it catches on here in Ramsgate, methinks.

Thanks to the ever informative Thanet Life site, run by multi-millionaire James Bond lookalike Dr Simon Moores, I now also have a reliable web weather forecast ( to tell me when such natty dressing will be appropriate!

By the way, Dr Moores spent the entire day overflying Ramsgate in his Lear jet, no doubt ferrying millionaires keen to get a bird's eye view of their new luxury residences. Hope the Jacuzzi in the back didn't slosh around and ruin the Axminster, Simon!


Anonymous said...

Tried this forcast and far too technical for us Westgate types. Dr Moores tells us he is busy this week and Thanetlife will be quieter so thought I would slum it on Millionaires Row.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I agree the charts on that site seem to contain more arrows than Davy Crockett had in his hat, but I like a bit of detail.

As for slumming it here on Millionaires' Row, don't get too cosy because you never know when it might all go up in a puff of smoke, just like everything else in Thanet.