Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Junk Head

A lifesize archbishop mask was waiting for me on the doormat when I got home this evening.

It turns out to be junk mail from South Eastern Trains, but it's so convincing that I'm going to wear it around town tomorrow, just to see if I'm treated with a little more deference.


sfdretywu said...

You want to be treated with deference?

You need to be defered?

Let's sing the Blues.

Never had a love like that.... but she left me... never have that love again.... not even in poor mans domain... never happened in rich mans reign... again.. I'm sayin'.
Quite plain!

Ohhhh... the blues.

My pain (sweet exstatic strain of vain (vein?))?

Surreal.. arterial.. accreal?

Anonymous ;-)

sfdretywu said...

Seems to me that some people (maybe everyone?) shouldn't blog after imbibement.
There's no way, under the influence, that you will ever spell complex words like 'deferred' or 'excstatic' corectly.
You could even end up singing the blues, for Cliffs sake!

On a school night too!

OK... let's let charity start at home.


sfdretywu said...

Wasn't it actually two masks? It's hard enough these days to know whether you're coming or going, without being two-faced about it!