Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dreamland News

A flurry of excitment over in Margate, the Arsonists' Playground, where a gentleman called One-Eyed Pete has got pulses racing by announcing that he is going to 'fill Dreamland with rides for the summer'.

Mr Pete's list of exciting attractions includes:

- Stepladder climb (tickets available for both the upward and downward legs)
- Stuffed cat spinning on a turntable
- The Pirate Bench (new from Latvia)
- Bogie picking
- General arsing about
- Burgers

That should bring the tourists flocking.


Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames said...

STOP PRESS: It's also been announced there will be a display of synchronised fart lighting on the beach every Wednesday night throughout the summer.

sfdretywu said...
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sfdretywu said...

How about a combo of fart lighting and felching (placing of a small rodent into ones rectal passage for sexual(?) pleasure)? I've heard it's been done in the (aptly named) States, to the delight of millions. Probably thousands, truth be known, but they are, proportionaly, a larger race.
Come on entertainees, let's get the R.S.P.C.A. and Q.E.Q.M. casualty department involved too!