Friday, March 31, 2006

Fence Toff

You know me, I'm not one to complain.

But ever since I relocated to my clifftop mansion here in Ramsgate (several months ago now), there has been temporary fencing along the promenade opposite Wellington Crescent. Why? I've a good mind to call Metal Monthly and get them to send down one of their millionaire scrap metal dealers to cart the whole lot off. While they're at it, they can take the redundant street lamps as well (see ECR passim).

Well, I've written to the council. That should get things moving.

1 comment:

sfdretywu said...

I was under the impression that they'd fenced it off in order to facilitate the extension of the promenade over the new building to be built underneath it, with the most ease and efficiency.
Wouldn't be an eyesore if you were standing on top of it.
I think it could work for very little extra expenditure.
Come on, who can tell the difference between seagulls and people when they're tramping about on your roof?