Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turner Staffing Costs Up 80%

Oops! Wrong Turner there. Er, where was I? Oh yes. Kent County Council have approved a plan to increase annual staffing costs at Margate's Turner Contemporary by a whopping 80%! The proposal, drawn up by TC director Victoria Pomery, got the rubber stamp a few weeks ago, although it doesn't appear to have been widely reported.

Of course, the increase (from £427,000 a year to £759,000) takes into account the fact that more staff will be needed once the thing opens next year. In fact Vicky has drawn up an entire new staffing structure which, whilst it 'isn't budget driven, must be affordable'. Well that's nice to know, seeing as it's our money they're spending. The new structure means that everyone who currently works there, including La Pomery, will have their jobs put up for grabs. What's the betting that Thanet's great unwashed don't get a look-in?

Meanwhile the TC types have just started offering founder memberships 'with special access to exhibitions and events' at a cool £5K a pop. Needless to say, Her Eminence has membership card 001. Although the Turner website doesn't specify whether she actually coughed up the 5,000 smackers for it!

And meanwhile meanwhile, the Margate Renewal Partnership has been spamming the local medja today urging everyone to vote for Margate in that great, er, American company Cadbury's Great British Beach competition. So in tune are Kraftbury's with the British seaside that they've spelled 'Bournemouth' 'Bournmouth'.

Anyhow, if you feel like it do pop over to the Bourneville Blighters' website (complete with banner tugging teeny-tiny plane) and cast your vote and/or aspersions!

Update: Clearly MRP's tactic of stuffing the ballot box is working. I've just been over there to vote (for 'Bournmouth' as Ramsgate wasn't on the list) and out of 1,315 votes so far cast, Margate is miles ahead with a whopping 28%. Tresco in the Scilly Isles is trailing in second with 13%. Did I hear anyone shout 'Fix!'?

Update update: Margate came fourth in the end, behind Rhossili Bay, Tresco and Blackpool. Click here for more.

Click here to download new Turner staffing costs on KCC website
Click here to become a founder member on TC website


Anonymous said...

No need to worry. Plenty of cuts coming to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

How do I opt out of paying for the Turner Centre? Surely, the morons who voted to go ahead with an uneconomic project (they never even considered the economic outcome) should be forced to pay for the deficit? Is there a lawyer who would take this one on?

Anonymous said...

When you find one can i opt out of paying for wars? i dont like them much.