Friday, May 28, 2010

Isle Gets Good Beach Gongs

You're better off in Ramsgate if you want to avoid E. Coli this bank holiday weekend! As well as recommending the Millionaires' Playground for its water quality, the new Marine Conservation Society Good Beach Guide describes Ramsgate Main Sands as:

A popular sandy bay backed by high chalk cliffs and near a picturesque harbour. Children's amusements nearby make this an excellent family beach. The beach receives regular awards, and has been named as one of the 10 top beaches in the UK.

Even Margate manages to make it to the merde-free section this year, albeit with a slight skid mark on its gusset with a mention of 'tertiary discharge'. Eugh! No such luck for Viking Bay in Broadstairs though, which fails to get a recommendation, a sentiment with which the many people who have returned from a swim there only to find themselves fetching up with a touch of the old bubonic plague will no doubt concur.

What with Ramsgate's new Blue Flag and praise from the MPS, you'd better get down to the Cannes of Kent and grab your champagne cocktails before they're all gone!

Good Beach Guide 2010
Borries bring down the tone of Britain's beaches
Ramsgate gets the Blue Flag
Margate and Bottomy Bay in Times Top 40 Beach list
Ripper! It's Ramsgate!

Bloody hell! It's Broadstairs!


Bluenote said...

Well that second photo is like yuk!! As a Broadstairs resident I will certainly not be swimming this year but, on the plus side, at least I won't have slim down to fit into my bathers.

Anonymous said...

Stay in Broadstairs, it is now compulsory to have a badly done tattoo and man boobs if you want to swim in Ramsgate

Anonymous said...

Must be all the bleach and hair straightener, not to mention the diesel run-off from all the builders' Mercs and V8s, going into the water off Broadstairs that's causing the problem.

Anonymous said...

"Paul Luxmoore, head of Danecourt Grammar School in Broadstairs, said there was an "industry" of fostering in Thanet" from BBC News

Which Member of TDC Cabinet fosters children?

Anonymous said...

anon again!
that brown stuff is not entering the sea at Broadstairs ??????
It must be somewhere far South of here.

Anonymous said...

Damn the CSO's

Anonymous said...

I see Walpole (dogpoo)Bay missed out again this year. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

That second pic is not Broaders!
Naughty ECR.

Anonymous said...

Er, yeh, right, that picture of Broadstairs really looks like Broadstairs... not. Are you all dim?

Anonymous said...

OK smartarse.