Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanet Blog Wars 2010 - Big Guns Go In!

The 2010 Thanet Blog Wars appear to be hotting up nicely with the news that London libel specialists Carter-Ruck are now representing Labour councillor/blogger Mark Nottingham in his ongoing legal tussle with Tory councillor/blogger Simon Moores.

My spies tell me that Cllr Moores has received a letter from the firm that Private Eye frequently refers to as 'Carter-Fuck', due to its controversial involvement in a number of high profile cases. Er, I'm going to stop there and refer you to their Wikpedia entry, where it says that they offer some of their services, including libel actions, on a 'no win, no fee' basis.

Dr/Cllr Moores has alleged that Cllr Nottingham libelled him on his blog. Strange, though, that none of the local rags have reported any of this, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

What did Mark supposedly say about Simon?

Anonymous said...

Handbags. Meanwhile, Thanet is going to the dogs. When will these puffed up pillocks realize that it's not all about them?

Anonymous said...

You ask about "Local rags" ECR and reluctance to report matters.

Two local journos have stayed abreast of developments in the David O'Leary murder case.

The fact is, representing David's father free of charge against Kent Police, I have now provided the local press copies of the decisions of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Complaints of negligence and inadequacy of inquiry by Kent Plod murder inquiry. Not just ONE. Not even TWO or THREE. But SEVEN complaints upheld by IPCC against Kent Plod.

But no press report (yet ?)

As for lawyers of a certain quality.

The prize must still be held by our Tim

Good ole Giovanni

More on Giovanni

Gio's client list includes two other cases touching on Thanet. Ronnie Easterbrook (shooting dead by police of Ramsgate's Tony Ash whilst a TV documentary was filming the police at work)

And Saddam. Which may make one think there may be an interest in matters Thanet aquifer ? Not that I am suggesting that Gio would defend our best known eco man Tim for that reason.

Merely that the issue of Thor chemicals activity at Margate is a common issue in Tim's campaign and the bogus WMD case made by Tony Blair against Saddam to take us to an illegal war.

How often must I have heard locals say "But I haven't read about it in the Thanet Gazette". Funny that.

Now yer Simon Moores. Will he be making an issue of political judgement ? Because that may bring into question his wisdom in his choice of political colleagues.

The fact is that former tory Cllr and former Vice Chair of North Thanet tories George Richard Maison was employed at Sericol as "Senior site safety engineer". A position he occupied when a cllr and at the time the huge decades long contamination of Thanet aquifer was discovered .. the Sericol contribution to pollution we have mentioned how powers that be wanted to cover up Thor activity.

So there was a tory colleague of Simon and of Bill Hayton (what was it you said on oath in High Court hoping to defend Maison against a libel charge Billy ? Wouldn't be a little old matter of perjury would it you old Thanet tory rascal ?) one George MAISON who had knowledge of the aquifer contamination from the outset of its discovery in the early 90s.

So how come Labour cllrs of the time were told the leakage had been discovered, was recent and had not reached the aquifer ?

They were lied to. And Simon's choice of political colleague knew the truth which was concealed for 15 years until my Freedom of Information Act application in recent times.

A second FOI application from me then exposed the Thor history of contaminating our aquifer.

I will follow developments in the Simon/Mark dispute with interest

But Anon 9.32 residing in the background to this case there are matters of huge importance to Thanet and I wait to see whether there is an appetite of the potential litigants to bring them to the Judicial table.

Anonymous said...

here is more on Giovanni ?

Retried said...

Another puffed up pillock who doesn't realise it's not all about him!

Lucy Mail said...

Shouldn't laugh like that, with a hangover!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rick for your usual drivvel that has nothing to do with the story.

Fuck off back to your own site, no-one else cares!!!!!