Sunday, May 23, 2010

East Of The Wantsum

Here's this week's East of the Wantsum. A fitting tribute to Our Glorious ex-Leader, methinks!

Skipping through the Gazunder moments before it became lining for Bertie's litter tray just now, a couple of items caught my eye. 'Deal makes port wind farm base' was one of them. And there was me thinking that London Array was going to be based in Ramsgate. No, wait, it is going to be based in Ramsgate. Apparently London Array's HQ will have a 'glass roof'. Er, no. It will in fact have one of those environmentally friendly, cuddly-duddly grass roofs. But hey-ho, it's only a newspaper.

Further in we read about poor, beknighted Boredstares greengrocer John Prentis, who's been served a noise abatement order by Thanet Council after complaints about his loud 6am fruit deliveries. The notice was served last December, and he's failed to comply, but only now does he see fit to make a whining noise in the local paper. 'Fifteen years we have been trading here and there have been no complaints,' moans John. 'A lot of people are afraid we will be leaving town because we can't trade without our delivery. The way things are going there will be no small businesses left in Broadstairs.' Yeah yeah.

I can't help feeling there's another side to this story that the Gazette's newshound hasn't bothered investigating. I mean, surely all he has to do to comply is make his deliveries, er, quietly? Or could it be that he's got the arse because a DFL has gone to a lot of effort and expense to open a beautiful boutique B&B next door, and may not want her guests woken up by some loudmouthed oiks offloading narnas at the crack of sparrow's fart?


Anonymous said...

Its a crying shame for the ex-leader but its odds on that the Public Standards Committee quango will be abolished tomorrow and it will be down to the council to enforce standards in future!

Anonymous said...

And more bad news for Thanet tomorrow with SEEDA getting the chop. Well, SEEDA only put £4 mill into the Turner Contemporary, £6 mill into the temporary Turner home in the M&S building, £5.7 millions into EuroKent, countless other Thanet business also received cash and the Dreamland Trust were counting on a big chunk of cash from SEEDA.

It will all be down to Vince to pull the plug for his conservative masters. The story goes that the southeast is doing ok and does not need SEEDA.

Who were the turkeys in Thanet that voted for christmas?

At least there will be plenty of folk in the rest of the country that join the Thanet unemployed in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Carter-Ruck are doing good business with certain members of TDC. At least someone is busy.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. The Council can't do anything about a 400 tonne Jumbo jet screaming over the rooftops but they're happy to drive a little man with a van out of business.

Anonymous said...

The description of "the poor hard working greengrocer just trying to make a living as he has done for years" seems far from reality of the character and his activities. The one sided story from the local paper shamefully depicts the perpetrator as the victim and the victim as the harasser.

broadstairsgal said...

Dundonald House (now Belvidere) - has traded as a guesthouse and co-existed with the Prentis Family's grocery trade without contention . . until Madame arrived.

The question has to be considered: why is she not pursuing Tesco and Iceland with equal vigour, and has only targeted JP?
Wouldn't be becauses Prentis occupies a piece of juicy land that would make a good car park for her preciousness?

Anonymous said...

Would it be that Mr Prentis has changed the nature of his business since the last 6 months. Madame as you put it was happily alongside before he expanded his activities to two shops and increased delivery racket. I'm sure the noise nuisance officers know a statutory noise nuisance when they hear it.