Sunday, May 02, 2010

Blog Wars 2010 - First Shots Fired!

Just when you thought the island's blogosphere might go an entire year without a skirmish, the chap who brought you Thanet Blog Wars 2006-2008* has, rather predictably, launched the first salvo in Thanet Blog Wars 2010!

Yes, I can exclusively reveal that Tory Dr/Cllr Moores, proprietor of Thanet Life, has apparently told everyone within earshot that he's suing Labour Sherriff/Cllr Nottingham for something the latter wrote on his From One End of Kent blog. Of course, I'm not at liberty to repeat the alleged libel as that could also be construed as libellous. And, to be perfectly frank, I'm relieved it's not me staring down the barrel of Simes' trusty Lee Enfield for once!

I'm told letters have been sent, so it's not just a case of Dr Biggles having a word in the ear of one of the local hacks, who then repeats his allegations verbatim in the paper without going to the bother and nuisance of checking any of the facts. Which, if you recall, was what happened last time. Although quite why anyone should willingly volunteer to buy another Bentley for m'learned friends over something as inconsequential as a blog is beyond me.

But hey-ho. I can only assume that Simes' ego has been well and truly pricked, and that he must have made a bob or two banner-tugging recently!

*The 2009 Thanet Blog Wars having been initiated, by way of a change, by Tony Flaig of Bignews Margate.


ascu75 aka Don said...

Ello is that the War office......... do you wanna fight

Richard Eastcliff said...

Ring this bell and run like 'ell!

Anonymous said...

Ring this bell and run like 'ell!

Richard Eastcliff said...

Oooh! Great minds an' all!

Anonymous said...

Keep calm and carry on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ECR I now carry an image of Doctor Moores tugging his little banner.

Can't you give us a clue what this is about ?

Anonymous said...

Well if it is about the "Don't call me doctor" post Simon is getting a bit close to being out of time to sue ?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that these rows seem to start up every now and again, usually at the pen, or hands, of Councillor Moores. Over the past 2 or 3 years, there have been occasional allegations of slander, libel, misrepresentation and defamation, and of threats made against family members. None ever evidenced, and none ever pursued. But the blogs, and sometimes the press, have been filled with Westgate-sourced vitriol.

During this time, the other original Tory protagonists, such as Councillors Cameron, Wise, Wells and Gregory, have either mostly or wholly withdrawn from blogging. Gregory does still maintain his blog, but he allows nothing other than toadying contributions and attracts virtually no commentators. Even Moores, who once presented himself as the premier Thanet blogger, now gets either no, or at most one or two, comments on his posts.

For many, that decline in fortune is welcome, but it has come at a price, with many bloggers pushed away by the bullying tactics of the political right. Perhaps the latest tussle with Councillor Nottingham - whatever the subject - is just a further attempt to attract attention and bump up the "visitor numbers".

For many, I suspect the reaction is "who cares?".

ascu75 aka Don said...

PATIENT Doctor Doctor I have hurt myself in three different places.

DOCTOR Well dont go there again then


Anonymous said...

The Chief Executive of Thanet Council recently told all his senior managers that something had to be done about Thanet's bloggers and that the Council was even considering setting up its own blog to counter what he percieves as bad publicity.

He need not bother as Dr Moores seems to be doing a good job of intimidating the blogs on the Council's behalf. After five years of threats along with his sponsorship of a 'Blogging Code' we are now down to only this blog where it's possible to read anything remotely controversial and even then it is a pale imitation of its former self (sorry ECR but you know it's true).

Even poor old Bertie Biggles has gone off ill with the stress of constant attacks from the hawks in his own party.

Before Moores became a councillor he was surprisingly critical at times, it just goes to show how the top political and administrative management at the council like to button things up.

Thanet Tories and the senior management at the Council cannot abide criticism or even reasonable public debate of their pet projects which is why, in my view, Thanet is becoming less like a parliamentary democracy and more like a banana republic as every year passes.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder about this.

To sue for defamation you have to act within one year. There is a Pre-action protocol of civil procedures.

Part of that protocol is to write a claim letter setting out details of the complaint and inviting the other party to take corrective action. Next stage is to consider process alternative to court procedure. Mediation or alternative dispute resolution.

Failure to pursue alternative dispute resolution (saving court time) carries a risk of costs beiong awarded against you (even if you win in court)

The question is whether the matters Simon is beefing about are the same matters as he has put to Standards Cttee apparently which were not upheld ?

If so why is the Standards Cttee procedure not regarded by Simon as the alternative dispute resolution that now precludes court action ? IE he sought ADR and lost ?

Or is it the position of Simon's lawyers that TDC Stabndards Cttee is not a suitable process to be recognised as a an alternative dispute dispute resolver by the Courts ??? Tee hee.

Anonymous said...

If Simon has the hump over "Political judgment" surely he would be foolish indeed to pursue that on oath in the Courts ?

He would find himself either having to declare the shortcomings of his tory colleagues (to show he is a man who suffers no illusions)

Or he would find himself having to prove his colleagues are all of the highest repute.

I think an early mention of Ted Watt Ruffell would not be at all helpful to the latter cause.

And there are far richer pickings too I suspect that Simon would find difficult to praise on oath ?

On what may be a totally unrelated matter. In the David O'Leary murder case the IPCC upheld five complaints of negligence in the Kent Police murder inquiry. Kent Police have now reported back to IPCC and further arguments will ensue.

One of these matters is about Thanet Buy to Lets. Gifted deposits and re-mortgaging. It is a method of money laundering. No one can say it is relecvant to the murder inquiry but it has been established as a legitimate line of inquiry via IPCC which Kent Police failed to address.

(If you want the reports ECR I can attach to an email so you know I am not trying to get you in trouble on your blog .. bring back Sister Assumpta my wife just said to tell you)

There are housing benefits fraud inquiries (raised by me with IPCC knowledge) that Kent Police shold now be involving with. I wait to see as arguments via IPCC continue.

The political off shoot of this is members interests. Should members declare gifted deposit house purchases even if cleared by repaying the depo by later remortgage ?

The names of three tory cllrs have been mentioned but not published and it is hoped they will explain to the Chief Executive and their tory assn and of course their explanation may be totally valid.

Best wishes Retired Richard

Richard Eastcliff said...

Thanks Mr Card for enlightening us there.

Please tell your missus that Sister Assumpta is alive and well, and currently busy campaigning for the Catholic Sisters of Mercy Feck The Lot of Yer Yer Bunch of Fecking Eejits Party in Wolverhampton. Once the election's over she'll be returning to her regular column on my blog.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that all the time,money and effort that TDC spent on the blogging protocol was a total waste like many in Thanet predicted last year. Another example of TDC not concentrating on the real issues in Thanet but on playing politics. At least if we get a change of government this week then it follows that in the local TDC 2011 election the tories will take a pasting just like labour did at the last county election.

The real Rebecca said...
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Richard Eastcliff said...

The usual meths-inspired insight there from The real Rebecca.

Sorry luv, but you're only trying to get me into trouble, aren't you!

Anonymous said...

Nothing was libellous sweetie, it was true

ascu75 aka Don said...

2:09 PM Do think TDC acted wisely in sppending money on a 'blog' watch dog ? People take offence at different levels but to my mind TDC officials are a thick skinned lot when it suits and delicate as fine porcelain at others. Surely our previous leader of TDC is living proof of this. I myself wonder how people in other parts of the country see our council? is it as a democratic pioneer or as some mentioned a Banana Republic. For TDC to be concerned about blogs maybe they should listen rather than continue in the same manner as before.

Anonymous said...

In your situation of coarse, I suspect, welfare claimant no doubt, you don't see the point, your not responsible in the way those you refer are.

Its most likely you don't have a pot to piss in so little point in sorting you out. legally speaking

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time our local politicians stopped throwing their toys out of the pram and got on with some real work - ie GROW UP

Anonymous said...

anon again!
some hopes!

Anonymous said...

One can only grow up at Fannit erf...old chap!!!!