Friday, May 14, 2010

Ramsgate To Host Bogey Man

Following on from today's front page revelation in the Gazunder that Ramsgate homes are being rented out at £20,000 a pop for next year's golf Open in Sandwich, I've received the following email:

Hi Dick,

I hope all those intensive sessions at Augusta (Road) have helped you with your wood problem.

As one multi millionaire to another I thought you could give me some tips on the night life scene in Thanet. So far my Google search has thrown up the Model Shop in Ramsgate, where I guess I can date Russian beauties, and in Cliftonville there is a place called Lovelys - is this more for the Thai or Asian ladies?

I suspect an old dog like yourself has the inside knowledge. Looking forward to hooking (or slicing) up with you.


Well yes Tiger, there are one or two places I can point you to, and there's definitely a Ladyman who's looking for work in these parts. Although when you see the state of some of the things on offer, you may not be inclined to go the full 18 holes!


Anonymous said...

With Tiger in town , I think Clarendon School for young Ladies might need to beef up their security .

Anonymous said...

I have a beach hut which I will rent to the less flush English players at a favourable rate , slightly below the £20,000 mark

Richard Eastcliff said...

I should get at least £3m for my cliff top mansion!

Anonymous said...

If I was a golfer I would club together with a couple of other golfers stick in our £20,000 grands and buy Margate for a laugh