Friday, May 14, 2010

Disappearing Beach

In Memoriam
Sandy Beach
Outgoing Thanet Council Leader

So farewell
Then, Sandy Beach.

'F*cking tosser!'
That was your

'Fannit's open
For business.'
That was your
Other catchphrase.

With your
Faithful sidekick
Roger (OBE),
You tossed
A petition in the
Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

Like a verruca,
You were a bit
Of a pain.
And hard to
Get rid of.
So we're glad
You're gone.

E. C. Richard (29)


Eye Eye said...

E J Thribb 17 1/2 surely - Lets not have any plagerism

Richard Eastcliff said...

It's been a tradition on this blog too, for almost five years. Do keep up!

Besides, I don't think my chum Ian would mind.

Anonymous said...

ECR so near and yet so far,
snug in your cliff top mansion repose
you manage to get up everyone's nose,
whilst pissed in the sea-front Bar

Lucy Mail said...

So good of you, and not in the slightest bit egotistical or arrogant, to speak for everyone, 7:05.

Personally, and I only speak for myself here, I really quite enjoy the fella and most of his informative blarney.

Besides, what kind of a sad git reads a blog that they don't enjoy?

Are you under 5'8", by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Under 6" I would guess

Anonymous said...

705 is suggesting then

That ECR is an allergen

Or perhaps a pincha snuff

Generically the stuff

One would notice up one's nose

In the bar where I suppose

ECR could lend a tissue

Possibly a brand new issue

Or a part used kept to dry

Dabbed only once on his Private Eye.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Very droll, Ricardo. Very droll.

Anonymous said...

One is trying in retirement.

The Rock said...

My wife says the very same thing about me being trying in retirement!