Friday, August 14, 2009

Shop Tactics

Having nothing better to do after lunch, I thought I'd tool along to the Love, Hate, Hope Ramsgate exhibition in the high street, in one of them disused shops just up from Argos. The place was rammed! You couldn't get in for BBC TV crews, Radio Kent reporters and all manner of Ramsgatonians viewing the ten minute film they've made about the town, projected onto a giant TV screen.

Among the local luminaries featured in the epic are Gerry O'Ramsgate, Ralph 'Mr Wamsgate' Hoult, Michael Child and, er, another Michael Child. (How many Michael Childs (or should that be Michael Children?) does one town need?) Plus a whole plethora of people who'd just been stopped in the street and asked what they loved, hated and hoped for Ramsgatewise. There are three boards up too, where you can write your 'love', 'hate' or 'hope' on a postcard anonymously. A bit like this blog really. Except there were literally hundreds of postcards littering the walls, many with quite hilarious comments, and even two in the 'love' section with Eastcliff Richard written on them! OK, OK, I'll admit I wrote one of them, but it proves that I've got at least one other adoring fan out there! The whole thing is going to be featured on BBC1's South East Today tonight, so do tune in. And do get along to the exhibition, it's on until 8pm tonight, and again tomorrow from 11am to 8pm.

On the way out I heard one of the lovely ladies from the Ramsgate Arts Festival, who organised the shindig, trying to persuade a local to come in and watch the film. 'I ain't got ten minutes,' said the local. 'I would if it was free.' 'But it is free,' responded the RAFer. 'I fought you said it was ten,' came the response. Hey-ho, you've got to love the place, ain't yer!

Click here for Ramsgate Arts Festival


Anonymous said...

Good to see a professional looking outfit trying to do something to improve Ramsgate.

I was impressed, and a t least they are asking the people what they want rather than the Turner Centre that just gets forced onto the locals by the great and good.

I wish them luck , especially trying to get funds out of TDC .

Anonymous said...

What Ramsgate needs is a way to make a decent living. Maybe the Beeb could arrange that.

Anonymous said...

If you hope some huge company will descend and employ everyone in Ramsgate you have a long wait my friend.

some civic pride and energy coming from the community and creating a better Ramsgate might lead to people thinking it might be worth investing in a nice place to live and work .

So good luck to the people behind the festival it has got to be better than sitting around on your arse moaning about everything.

Anonymous said...

Does the Tate 'force' the locals of London what to see? grow up or get a clue.

D*ve Pr*f*ne said...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone mention the water supply at all ? Or importing males from other areas to improve the gene pool ?

Anonymous said...

There's lots of adoring fans out there ECR...we all love you!

ascu75 aka Don said...

I would have put an I LOVE ECR postcard up but I wont be going..... shame people wait for things to happen rather than shape the future themselves

Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

what are you on about Don?

Anonymous said...

I liked the post card that said ,"More fit blokes and a Tesco's" .

Not exactly what you can build an arts festival around but I guess she(he?) knows what she wants.

Nice to be consulted lets see what happens

marky warky said...

Jolly amazing good!