Friday, August 28, 2009

Chinese Whisper

Thanet Council and I don't see eye to eye very much. Er, that might be a bit of an understatement. So I see absolutely no reason not to publish this 'strictly embargoed' press release from the council that has come into my possession.

It details a 'civic delegation' from China that's arriving here tomorrow (Saturday) to tour their new island territory, which seems only fair. After all, we occupied Hong Kong for quite a time there, so it's only right and proper that we hand over the Isle of Thanet as reparation!

I imagine this press release has been embargoed at the request of the Chinese, or some Thanetian squillionaire, in the hope that word wouldn't get out. After all, they wouldn't want all those frightful Free Tibet protesters and people who moan about freedom of speech in the People's Republic to turn out in force and piss on their parade, would they? Still, this has bollocksed that up, hasn't it! Maybe the Cliftonville whinger could get off his fat bot and wave a banner. He's always banging on about freedom of speech!


Photo opportunity

Date: Saturday 29 August

Time: 11.00am

Place: Margate Town Hall

Chinese dignitaries will be visiting Thanet this weekend to meet a civic delegation.

The dignitaries will include Madam Li Xiaolin, who is the Vice President of the Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Honorary President of the China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, and Chairman Hu, the Chairman of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

Amongst those who will be greeting the delegation are Thanet District Council's Deputy Leader, Cllr. Roger Latchford, Chief Executive Richard Samuel and the Mayors of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate.


Anonymous said...

Years ago a young man from Estcliff, called Richard came to me for help. He came in for pastoral counseling, and I agreed to see him only if his psychiatrist agreed and was kept fully informed.

That issue out of the way, his first appointment was made. My secretary brought me his file, including the pre-process forms I used. As I reviewed the information in the file, I was taken by the fact that one of his prior therapists was a famous psychiatrist. I thought to myself, “And what on earth am I to do if this person couldn’t help him?”

Eastcliff Richard said...

Next please.

Lucy Mail said...

Hey, I shop there too!
Erm, what kind of things are you buying there, Dickie?

Anonymous said...

Free TIBET! And China come to that.

Lucy Mail said...

Oh, and for 9:44PM in the last thread (where you can no longer leave comments, thanks to some porcine Margatonian), under bras are the ones that you don (funny how the word 'don' works so well, when talking about tits), when wearing a low cut dress, working bras are the tatty ones that you wear to work and upper-middle bras are the seriously under-wired, sack cloth jobs, required by women of, er, gravity.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

i see your slaging off bigboy

How do we know when your telling the truth