Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ferry Worry

Reader Samantha writes:

Has anybody noticed the dissimilarity between the photo of the Euroferries catamaran Bonanza Express sent out with the Thanet Council press release on Friday about the new service from Ramsgate to Boulogne, and this photo which I found on the internet claiming to be of the same vessel moored in the Canaries on Saturday, the day after? It appears to have had the word 'Euroferries' removed from its side. Are they by any chance unrelated?

Thanet Council press release 31 July 2009

Snapped in Tenerife 1 August 2009

Track Bonanza Express on


Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised ? There were others showing the same a few weeks ago.

What is it with Euroferries that they try to keep pulling the wool over peoples eyes ?

Surely, it is time to be honest and say that they are trying to get this service up and sailing, there have been various unforseen problems with the project, mind you an agreement with both ports back in January should have been a priority before any announcement.

If they were to be upfront now, we might all feel a little more positive towards the venture and the Euroferries name that has been ridiculed in the past.

Adem said...

I think the general concensus throughout the past 6 months was that the press shots had been photoshopped anyway. The 2nd picture is the only genuine one I think I've seen.

Anonymous said...

but isn't the first one from Dr Ladymans 'helper' ?

Anonymous said...

ECR, I think you should put one of your famous count down clocks on you blog, like days before the first sailing on Sept 1.
The service is very important to Ramsgate and you should give it prominance.

What puzzles me is whether there are going to be 5 sailings a day each way or whether the crew will spend one night in Ramsgate and the next in Boulogne.

If its 5 in total then day trips may be a bit difficult

Adem said...

The Countdown can commence from their 'Spring' start they announced in their initial press release.