Thursday, August 20, 2009

Klang Rings A Bell

An absolute must see for all observers of town hall dufferism is BBC3's new comedy series We Are Klang. The bastard lovechild of The Goodies and The Young Ones, We Are Klang centres around three inept council officers in the rundown town of Klangbury. This week's episode saw them lose the Annual Small Town of the Year Competition (ASmaTYC) to Midford On Sea, compelling them to brainstorm a variety of crap ideas and events to boost tourism. One involved rebranding the piles of rubbish on Klangbury's streets as a 'Litter Museum'. What a splendid idea!

Moving on, Klangbury's crew of cretins then came up with the masterstroke of opening a theme park called Bin World. May I draw m'lordship's attention to exhibit two:

Indeed, I think we can go one better here on the Ile de Thanet and boast about our fine Botanical Gardens:

As if to seal the deal, tonight's show culminated in the Klangers attempting to grab millions from a dodgy foreign investor, followed by a rousing chorus of the Klangbury song:

If you are feeling really down
You should come to our little town
If you take your food from a bin
Then we are sure you will fit in

If you have no place you feel free
Then we will be your family
It's hardly full of stately castles
And it's run by these three arseholes

Ring any bells?

Click here to watch this week's We Are Klang on BBC i Player


An Admirer said...

Haven't had time to watch the episode yet but with all your media connections ECR I wouldn't be at all surprised if you wrote the script for this yourself - after all you've got enough material in Thanet to run for at least 100 episodes, haven't you?

Anonymous said...

Bloody brilliant!!!!!

'MR X'

Anonymous said...

You get better and better!

Ramsgate Tez said...

i love the way the council are moaning about the lack of parking at the port and then go and put a load of wheely bins on lorry parking spaces

Anonymous said...

Found the clip rather nauseating to watch but as a sendup of a local council's shennanigans thought it was great

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes - it's a bit of a curate's egg Klang. A sort of ruder version of the fart and burp filled kiddies shows the BBC seems to put out these days. I believe the three Klangers cut their teeth at CBBC in fact.

But it's so spot on about how councils think and operate (especially our own beloved Thanet Council) I forgive it for that. And, er, if I'm being honest I do like a good fart gag too!